One of the factors to grasp your customer’s attention is the font of the theme. It will be better if you opt for a unique but simple and easy-to-read font. It is highly recommended to use san serif font as it is modern, clean, and approachable. Thus, it gives the customer a comfortable experience when visiting your store.
Each framework has its competitive advantage to meet the demands of various PWA theme development projects. Between the two types of frameworks mentioned before, we highly recommend you to choose Magento PWA Studio as a tool to develop themes for your online stores. The reason is that storefronts of PWA based on PWA Studio are established on the top of the Magento 2 backend. Therefore, they would follow the principle of Magento about extensibility that storefronts of PWA will be equipped with the newest features when the mentioned platform evolves. In later stages of Magento development, this acts as future evidence to avoid the conflict about code with other frameworks.
PWA is established on progressive enhancement principles basis. Based on those, PWA has full responsiveness to provide every user with the functionality and content. No matter what the devices and browsers users use, Chrome or Safari, tablet or desktop, and mobile devices, PWA is compatible with all kinds of browsers and devices.

To create the layout you want, just drag & drop page elements or pick one of 40+ pre-built themes from Siminia, especially with no coding experience.

About a progressive web app (PWA)

An appropriate PWA theme shall create a perfect experience for visitors. Therefore, it leads to an increase in online buying from them once visiting this eCommerce store.

PWA definition

However, this process seems to be quite difficult and complex as almost all Magento store owners are not specialized in technology. Understanding the integral role of choosing the perfect themes for Magento PWA, this post will show merchants how to make the best option when choosing themes for PWA.
PWA’s high loading speed has allowed visitors an instant entry when they are on your website. It gives them a more comfortable and convenient experience to focus on your content and spend more time on your store.
Post-purchase support should be taken into consideration when looking for a Magento PWA theme. As mentioned before, free themes do not give much support. Paid themes will have a few months to a year of free after-sales support. So, you should ask yourself questions about whether the developer will respond quickly to support you. Besides, you should look thoroughly for reviews of former users or ratings on reliable blogs and websites.
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All in all, whenever you look for the design of a theme, make sure that you have looked into the demo, trial version, and given feelings as the role of a consumer to choose which one is the most suitable. 
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Main features of PWA

It is clear that there are various frameworks provided by the software marketplaces. However, we have classified it into two different types for Magento store owners. The first one is themes established by Magento PWA Studio and the second one is other PWA frameworks.

Full browser compatibility and responsiveness

Your online stores shall only get expected results when you choose a trustworthy provider and a qualified Magento PWA theme. Instead of having no criteria when choosing a PWA theme, you should have a checklist to select a suitable provider. We hope that this article will help you to make a perfect decision.

Connectivity independence and safety

The ability to update automatically is a considerable feature that each Magento PWA theme should have. For store owners, it is not necessary for them to get permission from the developers for the update. Regarding customers, they will be sent a popup notification notified about the available update. When they refresh the page, the updated version is available to use.

Discoverability and simple installation

A suitable Magento PWA theme plays an important role in creating a wonderful experience for visitors. Understanding the importance of it, below we shall discuss more tips to choosing a PWA theme for your online store that you should consider at this stage.
Progressive Web App


Tips to choose the perfect Magento PWA theme for your site


PWA’s Frameworks for development

We have divided the technical attributes into two types:
Before finding more about the Magento PWA theme, we would like to provide you with general information about PWA and its main features.
The store design is an important part of creating an excellent impression for the first time. An attractive theme is a supportive tool to make your store become outgoing. Customers can choose whether to stay or leave the store just by the design of the storefront. Thus, you should give time to take a look at the PWA theme design to increase the opportunity of acquiring new customers.

Design of Magento 2 PWA theme

Ideally, Siminia from SimiCart is one of the best solutions. It’s an open-source Magento PWA Studio theme that makes it simple to convert a business to a PWA. The theme offers an app-like experience, a stunning UI/UX design, and various features similar to native apps.
Table of Contents

A user-friendly interface

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A suitable color-scheme

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An easy-to-read font

Currently, more and more Magento businesses and their customers invest a huge amount of time and money to build Progressive Web App (PWA). The very first step leading to success is to start with selecting a perfect Magento PWA theme for your website. 
Technical attributes of Magento 2 PWA theme

Technical attributes of Magento 2 PWA theme

With the PWA’s significant features in mind, it’s time for us to find more criteria to choose the right theme.
Even when your app is not running, this feature shall help your notifications reach customers quickly. Merchants can increase the number of users opening their site by triggering this feature with targeted content.

  • Core features: each Magento Store must have those features.
  • Add-on features: those features are optional and are based on the owner of Magento store preference.

Currently, only the Magento 2 PWA theme can meet almost all requirements so remember to put it on your checklist when selecting your store’s theme.
PWA has adopted the experience of native apps in its navigations and interactions. Besides, users can give the chance to download the web application and add it to the home screen of their home just by tapping on the popup notification. This process has minimized the hassle of downloading a web app from an app store or the requirement of ample device space as in a native app.
If small and recently formed businesses want to save money for other expenses, it will be suitable for them to use free themes. Those are equipped with some necessary features of PWA themes. However, they can face the risks of unguaranteed coding quality and not being updated regularly.

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PWA is known as the set of mobile web application development techniques that was introduced by Google in 2015. After that, it has gained popularity among engineers due to simple development and effective user involvement.

Responsiveness and compatibility


App-like experience

PWA has various features that make it different from conventional web and native apps. However, we will mention several outstanding features of PWA:

Fast loading speed

About connectivity, PWA can be easy to work offline or on bad network connections. In addition, PWA is served via HTTPS. Therefore, its safety is quite high as unauthorized users can not have opportunities to access their content. 

Push notifications

Although search engines consider PWA as an application, it is not distributed through app stores. It can be easily found as it can be shared via a URL. Besides, the installation of PWA is quite easy as it provides a simple way to entail visiting a site and adding it to the home screen of the user’s devices.

Update automatically

Magento PWA theme includes the advantages of a responsive website that brings visitors a fantastic experience on your site. Currently, there are many providers that supply themes for PWA that acquired considerable success in this field.

It is undeniable that a quality framework should have a user-friendly interface. Besides beautiful graphics and attractive decorating factors, a user-friendly interface will be an element to attract customers to choose your online store. It should have features of a clear visual hierarchy and easy navigation to make sure that customers will not be confused when visiting your online store.

Paid PWA themes shall be the best solution as merchants can utilize the advantages of full technical support, automatic updates, and compatibility with the most modern updated versions of Magento. An affordable price for a qualified theme should range from 500 to 1000 USD. Besides payment for the above upfront, you are required to pay extra expenses for extended support, customized features…
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A suitable theme shall fulfill each PWA theme’s default function like responsiveness, compatibility, fast loading speed, independent internet connection, push notifications features, easy installability, etc…

Let’s get started!

Magento 2 PWA theme’s price plan

Establishing PWA is based on progressive enhancement principles. Progressive enhancement is known as the web design to provide basic features and content to everyone. Despite different types of browsers or bad connection quality during delivering more complicated page versions to visitors, progressive enhancement can support them.
In addition, PWA Studio offers a more flexible solution for brands than conventional Magento themes. It also eliminates the issues about future compatibility. Magento PWA Studio has given solutions for common issues that other PWA frameworks face.

Price plan for Magento 2 PWA theme
The last criterion is to ensure your service provider is trustworthy. If you encounter theme providers on the Internet, you should go through their websites to make sure that their prices and services are transparent. In addition, a trustworthy provider will come with full sets of documentation about the user manual, live demo, detailed video,…One more thing you should do is to check the credentials of the company by looking carefully into their portfolio and checking reviews from blogs, forums, and websites.

After-sale support

With this feature, PWA can work with all types of browsers. In addition, it can be compatible with any device despite the size of the screen and different specifications. The same experience will be given even if they are tablet or mobile users.

PWA theme provider for Magento 2

Let’s look into several must-have functions of PWA so that store owners can have a better understanding before making decisions.
Besides a user-friendly interface, a suitable color scheme also positively impacts the customer experience when browsing your eCommerce store. Theme’s colors will convey the voice and image of your store. Therefore, you should try to understand your product category, targeting audience, and brand so that you shall pick the most suitable color options for your store.

To be easy to understand, a PWA is a website that seems to be similar to a native app. PWA gives you various functionalities and a good user experience by using a web stack like a native app. Because it brings almost the functionality of a native app, it can do almost all things like a native app. For example, it can operate offline, quickly access your microphone and camera when you require it, and so on.

Final thoughts

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If you look for expected features in the theme, you should scroll through the website of the providers and their demo to check the availability of those. 
There are several things that you should keep in mind when taking a look at the design of a theme.


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