Many factors must come together for a professional website design to be appealing and functional. Today, images are a crucial component of every website, but depending on how they are used, they can benefit or harm your website. Magento 2 image sizes and how it influences the site is a noteworthy aspect.


Types Of Image In Magento 2 Store

To gain more customer attraction, it is vital to upload photographs and other media kinds; however, this step slows down the site’s loading time. After that, it includes a bad user experience and a high bounce rate.

  • Base image
  • Thumbnail image
  • Small image
  • Swatch image

Base image

base image
In another way, the changes will be reflected as desired when you run the following command:

Go to System > Tools > Cache Management to access this menu. Then, to clean Magento Cache, click the Flush Magento Cache button.
Everyone knows how vital page load speed is to effective website design and how it influences SEO, page rank, and conversion rates. Even if the image looks small on the website, its size file impacts how quickly a page loads. 
Next, find the Advanced section and click System.
View.xml contains almost all of the configurations for the product image (including width and height). Therefore, you must modify the view.xml file if you wish to update or resize product images in Magento 2.

Thumbnail image

thumbnail image
Here, you can select the maximum permitted width & height for the product images and whether or not to activate frontend resize. In your Media Gallery, optimized images are generated automatically and take the place of your original images.

Magento 2 default allows you to resize unnecessarily large images automatically. You can freely config the maximum allowed width and height of the images. When not needed, you can also disable the feature.
You can alter the width and height of any “image id” in this file to your taste.

Small image

small image
You can frequently see the thumbnail image on the product detail page. Additionally, the shopping cart and the Related Items section both have these photographs.

system” class=”wp-image-36401″ srcset=” 700w, 300w,×333.png 600w” sizes=”(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px”>
We suggest using Magento 2 Convert Images to WebP if you’re unsure about the images you should submit (like .jpg, .png, .svg, .gif, etc.). A popular photo format on the internet today, WebP provides improved lossless and lossy compression since they are 26% smaller when compared to PNGs and 25–34% smaller than equivalent JPEG images.
php /bin/magento catalog:images:resize -a

Leverage third-party extension

>>> EXPERIENCE better image display and faster page loading with Magento 2 Convert Images to WebP

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and find Images Upload Configuration.
swatch image
The homepage, category page, and search results page are just a few sites that employ this small image type. It is also applied to little boxes on product sites, such as recommendation boxes for up-sells, cross-sells and bundle product options.

How Do Image Sizes Impact Your Website?

As a result, your Magento 2 image sizes are reduced, which improves the performance of your storefront.
As a result, for the most practical, we suggest you resize Magento 2 images by default and use Magento 2 Convert Images to WebP to convert the types of the image files. 
Moreover, optimizing Magento 2 image sizes enhances your SEO when used with a top SEO strategy. It’ll be more prominent in search engine results for your website. Large files cause your site to load slowly, and search engines despise slow sites. Additionally, Google is likely to crawl and index your photographs for Google image search more quickly.
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flush magento cache

How To Optimize Magento 2 image sizes

Automatically optimize image size by Magento default 

As a result, website users are more eager to explore your content and stay on your site longer.
small image
Alternatively, you can also alter the 800 by 800 pixel size of your product images and overcome Magento default. You would only need to go to the view.xml file.
Hence, it is preferable to keep all pictures and graphics on a single page to a total of 1 MB or less to promote quick loading speed.

stores configuration
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system” data-srcset=” 700w, 300w,×333.png 600w” data-sizes=”(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px” class=”wp-image-36401 lazyload” src=””>
base image

Images Upload Configuration

Images Upload Configuration
Since manually converting jpg to webp takes too long, this extension can help you optimize the display of your webp images by automatically defining the webp quality.

A Magento swatch image may be about 50 by 50 pixels in size.

Manually add code 

In Magento, an id and a type property are assigned to every product image. They have described in the view.xml file’s <image> node:

Step 1 – Find the view.xml file.

Your website will load considerably faster if you reduce the Magento 2 image sizes. For instance, a 15MB image on a 3G connection can take 17 seconds to load, which is a 18,650 percent longer wait time than a 0.08MB compressed file that loads instantaneously for visitors.
image format comparison
There are 4 Magento 2 product image types, including
As an illustration, after zooming, an image with 500 × 500 pixels (without zoom) can become 1100 x 1100 pixels.

Step 2 – Identify the ideal image id and type.

Additionally, you can see small photos in product listings on category and search results pages, such as the New Products Lists and other similar pages. This Magento 2 image size can be as big as 470 by 470 pixels.
This product image type’s standard dimensions are 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

Step 3 – Resize product images in Magento 2

You can easily find the View.xml in a theme’s directory.
Otherwise, find the view.xml file in your parent theme’s etc/ folder and copy it to your theme folder if your theme doesn’t already have one. This adheres to Magento’s fallback system.
Therefore, the idea behind Magento foundation pictures is that you submit high-resolution photos and let Magento produce them at the appropriate sizes.

flush magento cache
thumbnail image

Below is the complete guide to resizing the image by default:
You can edit this Magento product image type variant in advanced store configurations.
stores configuration
Ideally, high-quality photos improve the user experience by making browsing your online business more interesting for visitors. And by maintaining Magento 2 image optimization, retailers guarantee a smooth user experience. 

image format comparison
This enables customers to more clearly see the store’s merchandise and select the version of that item they would like to buy. Each color option is shown with a swatch image when your product has numerous colors. Customers may easily view the item they want simply by clicking on the swatch image.

The base image serves as the page’s primary illustration. It is the most substantial and superior of the four sorts. Customers can click to enlarge the image if the one you upload is larger than the image container. Viewers have a two-to-three-fold zoom-out option. 

By Magento 2 default, the base image is the most prominent image on a product page, and Magento displays at appropriate 700 x 500 pixels. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Magento 2 demands the maximum resolution of photos compared to other image versions.


<images module="Magento_Catalog"> <image id="category_page_grid" type="small_image"> <width><!-- Replace this with width in px : 300--></width> <height><!-- Replace this with height in px: 450 --></height> </image>

Step 4 – Clean the cache

This extension streamlines and accelerates the WebP online conversion procedure. With just one easy adjustment, every image on your Magento 2 site will be converted to WebP, eliminating the need for manual format changes.
<images module="Magento_Catalog"> <image id="unique_image_id" type="image_type"> ... </image>

First, go to Stores > Configuration.
We recommend this product image type’s dimensions for 250 pixels wide by 250 pixels in height.

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