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The APO module allows you to add the descriptions to the options and to the option’s values.
The options extension allows you to upload unlimited numbers of images to the вуафдеitem variants.

Default Magento 2 doesn’t have the stock functionality for custom variants.
Default Magento 2 options do not have the functionality to upload images to the options.
This functionality is perfect for adding cross-selling items or product bundling.

Bulk Product Options Management

Default Magento 2

Solution: Our Advanced Product Options Magento extension allows you to create a mouse and a keyboard as custom options for iMac and link these options to the mouse and keyboard items using our “Option Link” feature. Thus, the stock of these variants and these linked products will be synced.
Possible workaround―use Magento 2 products export/import functionality.
The Mageworx Magento Custom Option module has the functionality to create dependencies for the Magento custom options.
Thus, you can build the visual product configurator with ease.
And the best part?

The default Magento 2 doesn’t provide any functionality to manage the custom options on multiple products in bulk. 
However, even in such a case, you will have to edit every product with options in the CSV file. 

Magento 2 + APO

advanced product options magento extension

“OR” operator: if option1 OR option2 is selected THEN show option3.

magento advanced product options


Many eCommerce merchants have a hate-love relationship with product variations on the product pages, and Magento product options may seem like no exception.
The APO module allows you to enable the inventory functionality for custom options and efficiently track the option’s stock.

The options’ images can replace the main product image or overlay it.
Product choices cannot be assigned to certain customer groups or visible on certain store views.

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