Content Supply Chain with a Connected Asset Solution

When setting up the connector, whether you are serving assets through Experience Manager or directly through Magento Commerce, be sure to choose a secure passphrase that will be shared between the systems. After you complete this configuration for both the Experience Manager and Magento Commerce, you can immediately begin associating your Magento products with images stored in Experience Manager.
Automatically create optimized renditions with Experience Manager Assets ingestion steps

The Benefits of the Bounteous Connector

Re-use product images in other marketing-focused Experience Manager components

Now, your team’s experience using Creative Cloud applications (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) to create rich digital assets for your customer base and storing them in Experience Manager’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) can be extended easily to provide a great product experience for customers making purchases in your Magento Commerce store. The Bounteous Connector leverages Experience Manager Assets as the single repository for digital assets and allows designers to interact directly with the digital media being served alongside the products.

Managing digital product media from creation to publication is a complex process that engages stakeholders across the business. From marketers and ecommerce managers to designers and creative agencies, each group has different systems and processes for their piece of the digital product media puzzle. With so many people and systems involved, this process can be time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating.  Creating a content supply chain that enables stakeholders in each group to use tools they are familiar with is key to a successful integration. If you can simplify the way that you interact with assets, you free up time to enhance site features and deliver a better customer experience.

  • Use Smart Crop & Smart Tag powered by Sensei
  • Bulk sync assets
  • Serving a cohesive digital experience is key for driving successful conversions on your Magento Commerce site. This is exactly where the connector bridges the gap, by updating the built-in product image management system in Magento Commerce to use the Experience Manager DAM as if the two systems were one.
  • Similar to Asset Link, the Bounteous Connector allows product managers in Magento to directly reference assets stored in Experience Manager– the same assets that the creative team can access directly using Asset Link. When assets are flowing directly from your creative team into Experience Manager, the Bounteous Connector allows those assets to be used in marketing content stored in Experience Manager, product listings in the Magento Commerce storefront, and any other systems that are referencing Experience Manager assets, like Adobe Campaign for marketing emails. 
  • Putting together a cohesive design for your brand can be time consuming, especially when implementing that design across the multiple platforms that power your brand’s unified digital experience. The Bounteous Connector for Magento Commerce and Experience Manager Assets helps you to:

Whether you use the product assets solely for your store or use them to drive people from your marketing site to your ecommerce experience, you have all the benefits of Experience Manager Assets available to you in Magento Commerce:

The Connector in Action 

Experiment with metadata. The connector can natively configure metadata to pass between Magento and Experience Manager. The Experience Manager Metadata Schema Editor makes it easy to surface these values in the properties of the assets when viewed in Experience Manager. The connector code also includes a custom Magento schema to help you get started. Work with your product team to identify key data that would be beneficial to pass along, for example categories, keywords for searching, and so on.
Adobe provides a connector, called Asset Link. This connector allows designers logged in to their Creative Cloud accounts to connect directly to Experience Manager to check out assets for modification, or to upload their own assets into the DAM. Your creative team can easily deliver assets to the marketing and product management teams without leaving their Creative Cloud environment. 
Boost ROI on experience authoring by reducing time spent creating and managing digital assets
Adobe Experience Manager Assets is a best-of-breed solution that has long led the market in Digital Asset Management. Adobe Creative Cloud continues to be the default choice for rich digital asset creation. When integrated with Magento Commerce, these asset creation and management solutions excel at adding value to your digital experience. The Bounteous Connector for Magento Commerce and Experience Manager Assets enables the integration to deliver a dramatic increase in content velocity when producing rich digital commerce experiences. 

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Support metadata and file hierarchy

  • The Bounteous Connector supports multiple behaviors depending on your infrastructure setup. It can serve assets directly from Experience Manager by publishing the assets, which is useful when you have an Experience Manager Sites license and a public site being served from Experience Manager. If you are using only Experience Manager Assets, you can have the actual DAM asset files ingested by Magento Commerce and served in your storefront. Whichever use case applies, the connector always enables your product managers to use assets created and managed directly by your creative team.
  • Keep your assets in one place and allow your creative team to contribute directly to the unified brand experience.

To get started with these tools and improve your Content Supply Chain, Adobe Asset Link is available directly in your Creative Cloud tools. For the connector, you can now download the Bounteous connector from the Magento Marketplace and install it quickly using the instructions provided.

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