Next, the Magento Association’s mission is to advance and empower the global Magento community and commerce ecosystem through open collaboration, education, and thought leadership. And as a member, you’ll gain access to exclusive training, development communities, select partners, and global events.
Most importantly, we’re fiercely client-centric, and believe this is the key to delivering world-class boutique and bespoke eCommerce solutions.

Atwix leads the way with dual Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA

First, we cherish our role as influencers, leaders, and stewards of the Magento developer community. Since day one, Atwix set aside “school time” for all employees to demonstrate our core value of lifelong learning. We’ve found this to add meaningful value to our team members, clients, and to the community as a whole.
Atwix pursued Adobe Commerce specialization in both the Americas and the EMEA (dual-specialization) for multiple reasons.

Blazing trails for global clients and community through Adobe Commerce dual-specialization

Atwix’s dual-specialization in Adobe Commerce – in the Americas & the EMEA – is impressive, primarily because it’s so rare. Only a handful of Magento agencies, globally, share these credentials. For agencies of Atwix’s size (65 total team members), such credentials are unheard of!
We’re thrilled to announce that Atwix has achieved Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa), making it one of only a handful of Adobe partners to hold specialization in both the Americas and in the EMEA region!
To learn more, contact us. We’re excited to hear from you!

Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA positions Atwix for success

First, the Magento Community Hub encompasses a vast, global community of eCommerce developers, contributors, and innovators, and is the perfect starting point for any Magento project.
Finally, in eCommerce, it’s all about acting globally (hello, Adobe Commerce!), while applying experiences and implementing learning, locally. We acknowledge our clients as valued partners, and we recognize that an ongoing investment in regional accreditation adds tremendous value to our client relationships.
Achieving Adobe Commerce specialization in the EMEA is the fruitful result of years of dedicated work by Atwix on behalf of the clients we love. If you’re ready to join the journey, there are several ways to be involved. 
Additionally, dual-specialization in Adobe Commerce demonstrates the world-class eCommerce acumen underlying Atwix’s reputation. It also demonstrates our commitment to the Magento / Commerce platform, and to the global community. 

Run with Atwix on your own Magento / Adobe Commerce journey

We’ve long aimed to put ourselves at the heart of the Magento developer community. For four years in a row, from 2018 to 2021, Atwix was the number one Magento 2 Contributor. And we’re currently Adobe’s most-certified Magento / Commerce Silver Solution partner.
Next, core to our journey is our Adobe partnership. We’re humbly grateful to be recognized as an Adobe Commerce Silver Solution partner, and our goal is to add immense, and ever-increasing value to our relationship.
We’re honored to maintain such deep roots in the Magento developer community, and we’re thrilled to expand our global capabilities in order to add ever-increasing value to our clients.
This is a very exciting development in Atwix’s journey to becoming Adobe’s most-certified Magento / Commerce Silver Solution partner. And such rarified air puts Atwix in great company!
Finally, if you’re a business or brand seeking digital transformation, strategic growth, brand differentiation, and eCommerce flexibility and scalability, then Atwix may be a perfect partner for you.

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