In November 2021, a new partnership was announced: Real Madrid and Adobe Experience Cloud started moving the famous Spanish football giant to the new level of a “global entertainment brand, connecting fans around the world”. This should be valuable cooperation between companies with good results. The benefit of the Adobe Experience Cloud is in providing a combination of reliable services for creativity through several applications such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe InDesign.We cannot wait to see the results of such a unique alliance!
This tool is a sophisticated assistant for bug fixes: a problem your project might have already identified, fixed, and delivered as a patch. The new page also allows you to analyse the current project state by reviewing new patches quickly. It is an excellent strategy to keep your platform updated with the latest changes, by applying patches between significant releases. With Proceed to Checkout, an all-new eCommerce podcast from Magento Association, discover unique stories from Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) customers through season-by-season deep dives on merchant product journeys. Presented in collaboration with Adobe, Season 1 will focus on U.K. merchant Beer Hawk.


  1. New Partnership: Real Madrid and Adobe Experience Cloud
  2. Proceed To Checkout – New eCommerce Podcast
  3. Focus On Optimization: Core Web Vitals & Holidays
  4. Holiday Season & Checkout Friction
  5. Magento Open Source Roadmap
  6. PWA Studio v12.1.0 Release
  7. New dashboard for the Top Contributors And Partners
  8. A New Quality Patch Page
  9. Upcoming Events

New Partnership: Real Madrid and Adobe Experience Cloud

For example, the following list of nominations for individual contributors:

Proceed To Checkout – New eCommerce Podcast

The announced plan includes: 
Such advice can help you during the November sprint. Do not hesitate to use them!
And in addition to the previous suggestions, we are happy to share a collection of news from the eCommerce world and the Community Activity Recap section with the latest updates about the brilliant contribution and collaboration of minds. The business section of the MageNews November edition covers the new partnership of the Adobe company and some valuable materials from the Magento Association. In the Community recap section, you will find fantastic news related to the Magento Open Source future, new tools and upcoming releases.

To learn more about improvements and bug fixes, check the official release notes on the GitHub Wiki page: Release 12.1.0
Proceed To Checkout

Focus On Optimization: Core Web Vitals & Holidays

“Competition happens at every stage of the online funnel.”

Sonal Puri

We hope you enjoyed this edition and are equipped for the holiday season. Enjoy the ride!

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Content Delivery
  • Managing Images
  • Headless architecture.

Holiday Season & Checkout Friction

The role of the main challenges can be played by two recurring events in the eCommerce world: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In previous releases of MageNews we shared several pieces of advice for November sales activity:
Coming soon to a podcast platform near you…Proceed to Checkout 🛒 A new show from the Magento Association that will offer season-by-season deep dives into how merchants are using Adobe Commerce. Check out the teaser trailer and subscribe today ✔
In November, we talk about the holiday season and proper readiness for this hottest business period. With that in mind, we could not overlook another handy piece of material for merchants. 
Superstar has the highest number of reactions to comments, issues, and pull requests” – Reimagining top contributors and partners dashboards.

Perhaps, Eric Erway’s phrase can be a reflection of the entire Magento Association Connect 2021:
Thien-Lan Weber

Magento Open Source Roadmap

In such a case, being at the top of the list requires special attention to a number of crucial things around Checkout:

In the world of eCommerce, the timely information means a lot. With the latest news about the market, technology and analytics, for example, it is possible  to build a growth strategy, or to react to market changes with lightning speed. That is why in November 2021, Magento Association started a new podcast named Proceed To Checkout.

  • Framework updates (e.g. KnockoutJS, RequireJS, etc.) are already in progress 
  • Planned features are fascinating – “PWA – Bundle product type”, “PHP 8.1 support”, “Walmart Marketplace (extension)”, and many more. 

Some of the biggest news coming out of  the Magento Association Connect is that Magento Open Source has a Roadmap, and the announce plan looks terrific.
During PWA Community Sync, Olena Tkacheva presented an upcoming release of PWA Studio, and we highly recommend checking out this video to better understand the release notes.

PWA Studio v12.1.0 Release

Top Contributors Leaderboard: 

For example, you are interested in performance updates for the latest stable version of the platform. The search request on the Quality Patches Tool page will look like this:

  • Added PWA Studio metapackages — one for Magento Open Source and one for Adobe Commerce. They provide a new way to add any additional Open Source or Commerce features your PWA modules need. The PWA Studio team will also use these metapackages to add new features to the Open Source and Commerce code bases as required. 
  • Added GraphQL schema to expose the error status of cart items — The CartItemInterface now contains the errors field, which uses the CartItemError data type to return an error code and message.
  • Added new PWA Tailwind theming to Venia Header — Refactored the Venia site Header component to use the new Tailwind theming framework. The Header component is the first component to use our theming framework. Other parts will follow in the coming releases.

If we had to compare the eCommerce year with some sport activity, we’d choose the marathon. Let’s say that the distance is 12 months. It starts around January 1st and finishes on December 31st. In such a case, the month before Christmas is crucial as the last mile of a marathon is usually the most challenging.

New dashboard for the Top Contributors And Partners

In her “Tips for Taming”, Sonal shares recommendations to optimize page load performance with the help of:

#MAConnect this year is about re-connecting, asking/answering the questions and working together.”
Webscale CEO, Sonal Puri, prepared reflective material for the Magento Association Blog. Her Taming Core Web Vitals in Time for the Holidays article accommodates thoughts about what CWV measure and why they are essential:

  • Most active contributors contribute the highest number of submitted Pull Requests, Issues, and Comments 
  • Most active maintainers review the highest number of PRs 
  • Communication masters are the most active commenters 
  • Most active quality contributors verify the highest number of issues 
  • Most active reporters create the highest number of issues  
  • First-time contributors make their first steps in contributing (Pull Request, Issue, or Comment) 

[embedded content]

A New Quality Patch Page

According to the Baymard Institute, which has been surveying U.S. online shoppers with an increasing sample size for the last five years, there are two types of cart abandonment drivers. The first type comprises issues related to the business model and cost structure, particularly shipping cost, free returns and delivery time. The second type can be addressed simply by changing the design of your checkout page. And that’s the good news.

  • Available patches
  • Patches for the specific platform version
  • Patches for the particular domain such as Checkout, Performance, Cache etc.

In November 2021, a new handy page was added to the Commerce DevDocs, called the Quality Patches Tool. The page allows  users to access and filter the following information:
If you’re not sure what CWV means for your Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) storefront, worry no more. Enhancing the user experience through automated page performance optimization is where you need to focus. CWV are a subset of Web Vitals, each representing a specific aspect of a user’s experience when visiting a site. This includes the page loading experience (LCP), interactivity (FID) and visual stability of page content (CLS). Each metric measures a critical piece of the user experience. The field data provided by CWV shows how a website is performing across a wide range of users and, subsequently, a wide range of devices.
In the article,  How to Beat Holiday Season Competition by Reducing Checkout Friction,  Thien-Lan Weber, CMO of the One Step Checkout, says:
In the new Magento DevBlog post, Reimagining top contributors and partners dashboards, the new vision for the top contributors and partners dashboard was presented with a description of the new metrics. Apoints system prominently featured in the Community, to provide value for everyone involved in the contribution process. But all in all, it provides a perfect opportunity: you can easily find a person or organisation with excellent expertise who can assist you with questions related to the development, architecture, or general overview of the Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce platforms.
Convenience is  key to podcasts’ popularity ̶ wherever you are, they grant you access to information. You may easily consume content about your interests in audio format,  no matter what you are doing – be it running, working out, travelling, or walking around with your dog. 

Upcoming Events

With the version 12.1.0, the PWA Studio has gained the following features and updates:
Or, for example, you want to check which fixes are represented for Payments:

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