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It is a 30-minute one-to-one live session when a Mageworx specialist shares general information about the main features of one extension of your choice.
Each Mageworx extension offers front-end and back-end demos.
It is designed for customers who wish to discover the full capabilities of our Magento 2 extensions and how the software can help your business achieve specific goals.
There is nothing like seeing a software live, taking a tour of its primary features, and having a specialist answer any questions regarding its functionality of your concern.

Why schedule a live demo with Mageworx?

But we believe:
The service can also benefit customers who already own a Mageworx Magento extension but have difficulties tweaking or understanding the logic behind a specific feature.

What is the Mageworx live demo like?

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Mageworx Live Demo
Please note that a live demo for our Advanced Product Options extension is only available at the moment.
We will walk you through its core capabilities and answer any questions about the Magento 2 module.
With that in mind, we are happy to announce that we’re adding a free live demo service for our new and existing customers.
But more extensions are on the way…

Don’t miss a chance to get the most out of Mageworx extensions for Magento 2―book a walkthrough with our specialist and have your questions answered today!

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