Norwegian women’s sportwear seller Get Inspired was launched in 2009 and in just 11 years has gone from a one-person startup based in a garage to a million online retailer.
The results after moving to Magento 2 have been astounding:
• Total revenue on Magento: 2 million USD (995.77 million NOK) and million USD (355.63 NOK) on Magento Commerce
• Sales growth: Up tenfold in the past five years — and especially after upgrading the eCommerce workflow as part of the move to Magento Commerce

Transforming the commerce experience

“Visma Digital Commerce is one of our most important partners,” says Sindre Landvåg, general manager at Get Inspired. “They help us stay on the forefront when it comes to eCommerce. Together with Visma Digital Commerce, we have a well-functioning online store that is constantly evolving.”
In 2019, Get Inspired once again tapped Visma, this time to move to Magento 2, to set the company up for further growth through an increased focus on marketing and systems for seamless customer returns.
Visma Digital Commerce (formerly known as Trollweb) launched Get Inspired on Magento 1 Open Source (formerly Magento Community Edition) in August 2011. At this point, the retailer had already experienced a steady growth in demand but did not have the eCommerce solution to handle it. It approached Visma with ambitious plans and wanted a partner that would help solidify the retailer’s path to rapid growth.
• YOY growth: 30% after migrating from Magento 1 to Magento Commerce
As a digitally native brand without any physical stores, Get Inspired started on Magento 1 a decade ago and is now one of the top e-commerce sites in Norway.
Visma also built a color module since the retailer has products in different colors and wanted to be able to recommend products in the same color family on product pages. The color module lets Get Inspired link the same type of products with different colors and show them as thumbnails with links on the product page without creating configurable products with color and size.
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The key to Get Inspired’s growth and success? The company’s e-commerce website, which was launched in 2010 and is backed by an autostore robot warehouse (the backbone of its ultra-fast shipping), AWS hosting, and a robust Magento Commerce store. Get Inspired’s keen focus on social engagement to drive website traffic coupled with a Magento store that takes an iterative approach to experience-driven commerce (think: constant improvements) grew sales tenfold in just five years.
Additionally, Get Inspired can import its product analytics data right into Magento Commerce, which helps with category merchandising and product placement on the site’s category pages based on specific metrics.
The goal was to expand Get Inspired’s robot storage with 140% increased capacity and integrate new features, such as out-of-stock SMS notifications and styling recommendations. Today, when a specific size for a product on Get Inspired is out of stock, a “remind me” message pops up asking shoppers if they want to get an SMS alert when the item becomes available in their sizes. Users that opt in are then asked to get deals and other marketing communications via SMS as well.

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