Use Your Brand Purpose To Guide Your Customer Experience

Clearly articulate your brand purpose
Deeply understand what customers want to buy and why
Create a compelling customer journey
Understand how to reach real people on a 1-to-1 level
At Adobe, we believe the best way to serve your customers across these digital channels comes down to your brand purpose. Understanding the reason your business exists will help you identify the best ways to give your customers the service and experiences they deserve.
In fact, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. In an era where opinions are formed fast and people trust word-of-mouth advocacy, creating a great experience is going to be key.
Omnichannel experiences built off of brand purpose offers businesses the ability to differentiate and deliver a clean line of communication with customers. Your customers want to interact with you in their preferred ways. You need to know how, when, and where to give them the service they need.
Additionally, we’re also releasing a series of short e-books on using your brand purpose to guide your customer experiences. The first one will also focus on the purpose of purpose.
Our new “Accelerator Webinar” series aims to help marketers understand customer needs and use them to plan and optimize their buying journey. The first episode, “Brand Utility – The Purpose of Purpose,” features Nicholas Kontopoulos, Adobe’s regional head of marketing for Magento APAC & EMEA, who discusses how to:
During the day, people’s eyes are glued to multiple screens, scanning various sources for information and shopping for things we need. We talk to friends on messaging apps. We communicate with colleagues through various videoconferencing applications. Productivity platforms scope out our work and enable collaboration between teams. And when the day is over, we browse through different streaming services to figure out our best viewing options. Every one of these digital interactions delivers an experience to us as customers.
Watch Episode 1 of the Accelerator Series: Brand Utility — The Purpose of Purpose.
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