Less Complexity
Let’s discover some things about the Hyva Magento theme in this part!

In this evolving e-commerce industry, constant innovation is a required component.

Overview of Hyva Magento Theme

One more reason that you should choose the Hyva theme is its simplicity. The Hyva Magento 2 themes are highly robust and packed with functionality but still focus on reducing complexity levels as it provides you with the ability to migrate your current default to Hyva themes. 
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Overview of Hyva Magento Theme
Hyva Magento 2 themes also focus on providing a developer-friendly working environment to provide its customers with convenience and comfort. Imagine that you need to choose a technology, we can be confident to confirm that you will refer the technology to a supportive community that provides you with more efficient solutions and answers. In addition, you can easily learn to use Hyva Magento themes thanks to the support from the above-mentioned principles.
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BSS Commerce provides you with Hyva Theme Development services that will bring many new and effective Hyva-compatible extensions to enhance your Magento website. If you don’t know what you need to do with building up Hyva thêm, you can reach out to us.

  • Removing JavaScript Libraries Hyva theme is developed without using layout.xml and .phtml files. Therefore, you can not find any JS files except Alpine.js.
  • Minimizing dependencies on third-party libraries: Hyva theme utilizes only two default dependencies: TailwindCSS and Alpine.js, to support user-friendly UI and experience.

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8 persuasive reasons to choose Hyva Magento theme for your speedy site

The Hyva Magento theme offers you flexibility and unlimited customizability. In many cases, store owners have many additional requirements about the Hyva Magento theme for their site. For example, they want their store to stand out by creating outstanding features and designs. The Hyva theme offers you no limitations related to flexibility and customizability. It will lead to higher customer satisfaction and a better experience.

Better performance

Well, we have discovered almost all important aspects of the Hyva theme. BSS Commerce – one of the most reliable Magento eCommerce development providers, can support you in the process of setting up the Hyva theme for your Magento stores. Let’s take a look at what you can get when using our Hyva Theme Development Services:
One of the most important factors that lead to the decision of many merchants is pricing. At first sight, you can be stuffed with a comparatively high license fee. While the Luma theme provides us with a free charge or costs only a fraction, the Hyva theme offers a higher cost. However, when it comes to performance optimizations, it can be a minus point for the Luma theme as it provides merchants with higher expenses than the acquisition costs.
In this article, we would like to give you a subjective view of Hyva Magento’s overview and its core principles and clarify 8 main reasons to select a Hyva Magento theme for your site. 

Competitive cost

Constant innovation

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With better performance, you can provide both a contemporary user experience and a higher SEO ranking level. Merchants consider the result of expected performance as just effective or ineffective when coming to deciding which font to utilize. And, with the support from Hyva Theme, it can provide higher performance KPIs that not much online store frontend can generate. In addition, if you use Hyva Theme in the right way, you can achieve green Core Web Vitals, which the old frontend from Luma and other competitors cannot be able to deal with.

Less Complexity

Reduced flexibility
At first glance, it appears as though the advantages for developers would largely be the more comfortable working with contemporary tools, the lighter code, and not having to deal with endless relevant files even for modest changes while debugging.
Competitive cost

Hyva Theme is a new theme for Magento 2. It is established with the best dev experience, performance, and time to market. You can easily and quickly customize your Magento 2 shop at a cheaper expense by using Hyva Theme. A modern and ultra-fast browser experience will be established for your customers.

Competitive cost

Reduced flexibility
In each way, there are advantages and disadvantages. However, whatever method you choose, we can also provide you with the most effective solution.
Overview of Hyva Magento Theme

Better performance

The Hyva community 

The eCommerce sector is evolving quickly with the appearance of new trends and developments. It is essential for every online merchant to quickly implement and launch both new projects and smaller upgrades and adjustments.
The default Luma theme was criticized for both its lack of creativity and its archaic architecture. The Luma theme appears outdated in comparison to the Hyva theme after all these years due to its inception with no significant innovations. However, the Hyva theme is unique in this place as well. The designers of the Hyva theme place a major emphasis on ongoing innovation, even beyond the ground-breaking core idea. This can be seen in the future updates to the most recent versions of AlpineJS 3, TailwindCSS 3, compatibility updates, regular updates, and releases with both bug fixes and new features and optimizations.

Reduced flexibility

Until now, more and more big vendors have chosen Hyva Theme as storefronts because of its outgoing technological details.

In addition, the Luma theme’s performance is not as good as Hyva Theme. In short, Hyva Magento Theme provides us with the combination of a first-class frontend and enterprise-level eCommerce system, which is evaluated to be fit for both small-sized merchants and medium-sized merchants.

A better product in less time

Better performance
Hyva Magento Theme is gradually becoming popular as more and more people believe that It is necessary to have a theme provided by Magento along with many imperfect implementations of it. Realizing the importance of this revolution along with its potential capability to deliver outstanding usability, extend the ecosystem from web to mobile, and good performance, Hyva Magento Theme is a new method of establishing storefronts for Magento 2. Hyva Magento Theme focuses on providing customers with better speed as well as performance.
Therefore, Hyva Theme can offer you an incredibly lean. There are two main features that the Hyva theme outweighs other themes:

Developer-friendly work 

Until now, there are two ways of creating your own Hyva Magento theme:

Less Complexity

How to build up a Hyva Magento theme?

To conclude, the community plays a key role in the Hyva theme offering by regularly developing new features, innovating, exchanging experiences, and discussing hot themes related to the development and management of modern, successful online stores.

  • By building up a child theme as what default Magento is working
  • By duplicating the Hyva theme/ Magento 2 default theme and then modifying and customizing that

With the Hyva Magento theme, you do not need to manage unnecessary libraries and dependencies among javascript functions. Also, you do not have to load and process JS files and unused huge JS libraries. With modern performances and simplicity, Hyva Themes gradually receive more and more satisfaction from customers than previous Magento themes. In addition, the adjustment and customizations are becoming faster thanks to the support from complex dependencies.
When talking about Hyva Theme, performance is the primary factor that you should consider. Improving performance is extremely important in attracting customers. Just 1 second of delay can lead to losses of hundreds or thousands of dollars. In addition, one of the primary steps to getting good SEO performance is to have a fast, effective webpage, which leads to higher visiting rates and positive feedback from visitors. This is the reason Hyva theme pays attention to building speedy web pages, which leads to this core principle.

Why you should choose BSS Commerce as a Hyva Magento Theme development services provider?

The Hyva theme’s architecture offers considerable benefits, including a better product in less time. Quicker development times are a result of the considerably lighter codebase, the utilization of cutting-edge technology, and developer tools. Behind Hyva’s success is the Hyva community as a weapon. If you choose to use the Hyva theme, you can be able to get access to the Hyva community through a slack room. With support from a strong and growing community, the Hyva theme becomes a considerable selection of many merchants. Realizing the success of the Magento community, the inventors of the Hyva theme have developed Hyva communities. Communities are established to exchange and support mutually in the Hyva Community Slack Channel. When merchants are in trouble or in an urgent situation, those communities will help them by creating more compatibility modules and providing more and more extensions. By continuing this tradition from Magento, the Hyva communities attract more and more customers as they know how large and invaluable this community brings and how store owners can directly or indirectly take advantage of it. 
It is really difficult to fully list the reasons why you should use the Hyva Magento theme. Therefore, in this part, we will provide you with 8 outstanding reasons why you should choose the Hyva Magento theme. 

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