You can also sync Unleashed with several other eCommerce platforms beside Magento 2.
With the help of this module, you can split up products in stock between different warehouses and track their availability in real-time. 

The extension also allows you to employ your custom shipping rates different from the rates established by a shipping provider.

Why Is Inventory Management So Crucial?

It also helps you predict your inventory for the future to get ahead of shipping lead times.
In this article, we have introduced you to the 7 best Magento Inventory Management extensions.
Multi Warehouse Inventory by Aitoc allows you to manage your warehouses and automatically offers to choose the nearest one at the checkout, reducing the time and costs for both customers and your business.
The module also enables apply pricing tiers and discounts across all products, sales channels, or customer groups.

  • When to order your next shipment: This is the most common advantage of inventory management. If you are selling a specific product, you want to know when you need to order more. Some products sell out faster than others, and inventory management helps you triage. 
  • What to order in the future: Nowadays, the economy is a rapidly moving cycle of trends and fads. One day, a random product is selling more than anything else ever has, and the next day it is forgotten. And it is even more true in eCommerce. With good Magento inventory management, you can figure out what needs to be ordered to fulfill the next trend.
  • How much more to order: A product running low doesn’t necessarily tell you how popular it is. Did it take three months to sell a dozen units or one week to sell a hundred units? Inventory management tells you how many sales to expect in a given period, allowing you to buy more when you need it, and spend less when you don’t. 

Top 7 Best Magento Inventory Management Extension For Your Business

The tool also has a mobile app that might be helpful for your sales team.
This module also includes tracking salable quantity movement in the inventory grid.

1. Magento 2 Inventory Report by BSS

It allows you to track your business profit, define the best-selling products, and customize UI/UX design to differentiate your business from the competitors.

Advanced Inventory Management by Veeqo is an all-in-one solution that not only includes omnichannel inventory management but also handles your store orders, shipping, and returns.
Price: Start from 9
It also helps to improve cash flow and optimize fulfillment to ensure all the products are put and stored correctly and can be delivered to customers in the shortest time.
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Below are some important things inventory management can help you figure out:
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Besides, you can quickly view the order details page and credit memo details page by clicking on the View Order or View Memo in the Action column.

2. Multi Warehouse Inventory by Amasty

Magento 2 Inventory Report by BSS is a powerful inventory management tool that allows you to follow all the changes in product quantity.

It supports native MSI algorithms and also offers a completely new one that combines them to offer the source selection based on the delivery price. 
It includes powerful analytics to track your success.
It allows you to add an unlimited number of warehouses to manage, and get access to real-time data on stock levels, costs, and tracking information. 
A great feature that distinguishes this module from other similar tools is a restricted access option that allows you to create roles and assign permissions for staff members and store owners.
This extension allows set up workflows based on triggers like delivery option selected, value and weight.

3. Inventory Management by Magestore

The product name and SKU in the grid are linked to the product edit page. Thus, you can go to the product edit page and check the detailed report of an individual product.

This extension has an intuitive interface for creating as many warehouses as needed. It will display all store’s warehouses and suppliers on a single grid, allowing you to manage each facility individually, yet have quick access to the rest of the group.
Currently, there are many inventory management tools on the market.
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You can also display all the points of sale using Google Maps and make setting up your dropshipping easier by notifying the warehouses of all incoming orders. 

4. Advanced Inventory by Wyomind

Inventory management is crucial for the success of any eCommerce business. Proper inventory management can help you avoid many issues.

You can also use inventory API to connect to external platforms and systems. 
And in this article, we will highlight the top 7 Magento Inventory Management extensions.
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Multi Warehouse Inventory by Amasty provides you with full visibility of your inventory distributed among multiple locations. You can add an unlimited number of warehouses and easily assign items to them. 

5. Advanced Inventory Management by Veeqo

Price: 6

Besides basic inventory management features, this module allows you to unite several sources via stocks and link them to the sales channels. 
Price: Start from 9
And you can use this module to edit your products in bulk.

6. Multi Warehouse Inventory by Aitoc


Using this extension, all inventory movement information will be recorded and displayed in a grid. The admin can know what product quantity is changed, when, and why. 
BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.
Inventory management by Unleashed is great for stores with multiple locations.
It also provides for an ability to set specific warehouse selection rules based on the criteria like location. 

7. Inventory management by Unleashed

Inventory Management by Magestore allows you to manage a single product catalog for all your channels and seamlessly sync the product data to exclude any possible errors and manage your multi-warehouse inventory more efficiently.

Every Magento stock change action will be tracked, including creating orders from both the backend and frontend, deleting orders, creating credit memos, importing products, and changing the quantity on the product edit page.
Firstly, it helps improve customer experience in your store by providing enough products to fulfill customers’ demands and excluding out-of-stock problems.
Price: Start from 9
With Advanced Inventory by Wyomind, you can easily sync your Magento and POS inventory, create an unlimited number of stock levels, and dispatch your orders both manually and automatically.
We hope this blog can help you find the best tool for your business. 


It has excellent forecasting features allowing you to analyze your sales and define your best-selling products, which you can then put in a product bundle, pack, and ship to your customers in just a few clicks.
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In this article, we will review the top 7 Magento Inventory Management extensions to help you find the best tool for your business.

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