This module is a powerful tool that enables you to follow all the changes in product quantity.
You can also quickly view the order details page and credit memo details page by clicking on the View Order or View Memo in the Action column.

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What Is Magento 2 Inventory Reservation?

First appeared in Magento 2.3.0 release, Magento 2 Inventory Reservation (a.k.a Multi-Source Inventory or MSI) helps to provide store owners with inventory management capabilities. It makes the payment, shipping and delivery services faster.
The product name and SKU in the grid are linked to the product edit page. Thus, you can go to the product edit page and check the detailed report of an individual product.

  • When there are many orders placed at once, Magento 2 Inventory Reservation cannot process it if the order comes from many different sources and stores
  • Store owners can’t manage the stock orders perfectly because MSI doesn’t have the option to reduce the order placed.

How To Disable Magento 2 Inventory Reservation

To disable Magento 2 Inventory Reservation, you need to follow these 3 steps.
It will record all inventory movement information and display it in a grid. Thanks to it, you can know what product quantity has changed, when, and why.
So in this article, we will guide you on how to disable it. 
Magento 2 inventory reservation is a powerful system. However, it still has disadvantages that make it difficult for store owners to manage.
The command is different for each version of Magento 2. Below is the list of commands for each version.

Magento 2.3.0

Step 1: Connect to your server via SSH.
Every stock change action will be tracked, including creating orders from both the frontend and backend, deleting orders, creating credit memos, changing the quantity on the product edit page and importing products.

Magento 2 Inventory Report by BSS!

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php bin/magento module:disable -f Magento_Inventory Magento_InventoryAdminUi Magento_InventoryApi Magento_InventoryBundleProduct Magento_InventoryBundleProductAdminUi Magento_InventoryCatalog Magento_InventorySales Magento_InventoryCatalogAdminUi Magento_InventoryCatalogApi Magento_InventoryCatalogSearch Magento_InventoryConfigurableProduct Magento_InventoryConfigurableProductAdminUi Magento_InventoryConfigurableProductIndexer Magento_InventoryConfiguration Magento_InventoryConfigurationApi Magento_InventoryGroupedProduct Magento_InventoryGroupedProductAdminUi Magento_InventoryGroupedProductIndexer Magento_InventoryImportExport Magento_InventoryIndexer Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotification Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotificationAdminUi Magento_InventoryLowQuantityNotificationApi Magento_InventoryMultiDimensionalIndexerApi Magento_InventoryProductAlert Magento_InventoryReservations Magento_InventoryReservationsApi Magento_InventoryCache Magento_InventorySalesAdminUi Magento_InventorySalesApi Magento_InventorySalesFrontendUi Magento_InventoryShipping Magento_InventorySourceDeductionApi Magento_InventorySourceSelection Magento_InventorySourceSelectionApi Magento_InventoryShippingAdminUi

Magento 2.3.1

Step 3: Run the disable command.
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However, there are 2 disadvantages of using this feature:


In this article, we have shown you how to disable the Magento 2 inventory reservation.
Magento 2 Inventory Report by BSS includes tracking salable quantity movement in the inventory grid, too.
ssh root@<your-ip-address> -p <your-port-number>

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