Atwix MageNews — August 2021

The August rush of great news

For more details, check release notes: PWA Studio v11.0.0
The 2.4.3 release made a huge step towards the PHP 8 compatibility. The platform isn’t fully compatible with the latest PHP major version, but the amount of areas and modules adapted to the PHP 8 is significant. Looks like we will hear about the final confirmation of the compatibility in the nearest future.

The August edition will surely keep the pace and contains plenty of valuable news from the world of eCommerce and related technologies. Two important announcements we’d like to highlight.
Since the Q2 2019, after three months of COVID-19 pandemic, the digital commerce continues growing rapidly. It was a logical consequence of physical contacts limitation between people all over the world. Such a dramatic change has triggered even higher demand in stable goods delivery channel, so the role of supply chain has increased even more. 


  1. Two CEOs talk: Headless + PWA
  2. MAERSK Invests into E-commerce
  3. Smart eCommerce Strategy: DOs & DON’Ts
  4. State Of eCommerce In COVID-19 Reality
  5. New Delivery Process for Community Contributions
  6. Magento 2.4.3 Released
  7. PWA Studio 11 Released
  8. Page Builder is now Open For Community
  9. Community Engineering Hangouts: beneficial presentation
  10. Upcoming Events

Two CEOs talk: Headless + PWA 

The list of changes and newly added functionality are amazing. Wish List finalization is one of the killing features in it. Since PWA Studio 9.0.0 the team has been working on this part of the project and the 11 release contains the next list of Wish List features:

  • Google’s Core Web Vitals and PWA with headless.
  • The performance advantages of PWA & headless solutions for merchants.
  • What modern commerce is and its opportunities.

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MAERSK Invests into eCommerce

Hope you enjoyed the last summer 2021 edition of MageNews. Feel like sharing this? Go for it! Want to ask anything or suggest the news to be added? We’re here for you!
We highly recommend developers and business owners to check this presentation and see those great improvements!

Another historical event of summer 2021 is that the Page Builder is now available as an Open Source project. This happened on the August right with the Magento 2.4.3 release publishing. For the majority of users, this means that as of now, a lot of improvements will be delivered faster just because of the new delivery process for Community Contributions.
Narin Phol Managing Director of Maersk North America.

Smart eCommerce Strategy: DOs & DON’Ts

The second part was dedicated to Performance pack introduction (Checkout, Cart, SalesRule) and to dealing with big carts (~750). It contained a detailed presentation to the Community about the release in 2.4.3 and upcoming performance optimizations. For example, by replacing Zend_Currency component with Int|NumberFormatter the platform got next results: load cart section with 750 items – 896.00 ms which is on 24.1% faster (previous value for such amount of items was on 285ms bigger). Opening cart action with the same amount of items become faster on 7.2% (1924ms to 2073ms). More analytics and metrics are available via the link.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) why it is important and what benefits it provides to the business
  • Real business needs
  • Impact of the performance specific on the whole business

Magento Open Source 2.4.3 Release Notes

In July 2021, two CEOs – Sonal Puri (CEO Webscale) and Slava Kravchuk (CEO Atwix) – have discussed one of the most trending topic of this year: combination of headless approach and PWA. During the conversation, such important points were highlighted as:

Some exciting announcements were made. Such a powerful and user-friendly feature will have performance dashboard, improvements for indexation, advanced merchandising rules and (yey!) AI powered synonyms suggestion in the future. Can’t wait to see these features implemented in further releases – they will surely add even greater potential for business owners and developers.

State of eCommerce In COVID-19 Reality

For more details, check release notes:

Community activity recap

The first one was dedicated to Live Search from Adobe, presented by Priya Bhat and Ani Hammond. This  valuable presentation about the latest feature added to the Adobe Commerce – Live Search covered both a high-level overview and some deep dives into  Search popover, Category browser, Search admin (Facets, Synonyms, Rules, Settings). 

New Delivery Process for Community Contributions diagram

Magento 2.4.3 Released

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  • A new Composer plugin added to prevent dependency confusion and identifies malicious packages.
  • ReCAPTCHA coverage extended, and now it protects WebAPI endpoints that have corresponding HTML pages from spam. Also, the Place Order storefront page and payment-related web APIs covered with the ReCAPTCHA protection.

In July, Adobe and Atwix held a joint webinar, dedicated to smart eCommerce strategy. In a friendly discussion, Yaroslav Rogoza (CTO at Atwix), Eric Erway (Group Product Manager at Adobe) and Rebecca Doherty (Partner Marketing EMEA at Adobe)have discussed important aspects of e-commerce, like :
Magento and Adobe Commerce combo release, that happened on August 10th, was followed by PWA Studio 11 introduction.
Summer 2021 is scorching, but the good news is that refreshing autumn will start in a month. This summer was hot not only in terms of weather, but also in eCommerce. In June and July MageNews releases we highlighted some news from the digital commerce world. For example, Amazon expanding its warehousing and delivery fleet, why Magento is good for small businesses and much more. Thoughtful material to read and analyze.
The written recap is also available – How to build a smart eCommerce strategy: 6 things to consider.

PWA Studio 11 Release

Another summer has almost passed in the reality of COVID-19 limitations. The changes provoked by the pandemic cannot be underestimated, especially for business and eCommerce. In such rapidly changing environment, it is very important to analyze the ongoing changes in all industries: from the banking sector to news about the actions of well-known companies. This can help to formulate the correct strategy of action. July 2021 COVID-19 + Ecommerce News Roundup blog post is a great digest that gives a clear understanding of current eCommerce state, supported by stats from trusted sources. Shortly before the 2021 holiday season, it’s a timely read for everyone in eCommerce.

Considering accessible features limitations, there is a list of features that will be excluded from the Magento Open Source and will be available only for the Adobe Commerce product. These will be the features like:

  • Add an item to a wish list from the product page
  • Add an item to a wish list from the category page
  • Add an item to a wish list from the cart page
  • Add an item to the cart from a wish list
  • Support for multiple wish lists
  • Edit the name and visibility of a wish list.

The first one is about the new delivery process for Community contributions, which makes core fixes delivery effective and easy procedure and increases projects’ stability as a result. The second loud news is about Page Builder becoming available for the Open Source Community Contributions. Such long-awaited change provides experienced functionality for managing CMS content for Magento Open source. More details about this news are available in the Community activity recap section.
The paragraph name is the article’s title from the official DevBlog, and it says a lot! The new process for delivering platform improvements opens up new opportunities for business improvement. You no longer have to wait for new platform releases to apply the changes. From now on, they will be available as patches through the Magento Quality Patches(MQP). Also, this approach involves contributors and maintainers into the work process even more. It allows the Magento Community to solve the problem of a long wait for the delivery of final and approved solutions. For more information, check out the official article by Stanislav Idolov. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section is extremely useful! At the beginning of August, the Maersk company announced the acquisition of VisibleSCM, a business-to-consumer (B2C) logistics company focused on B2C parcel delivery and B2C fulfilment services in the US. Furthermore, it announced the intention to acquire B2C Europe Holding B.V. a business-to-consumer logistics company focused on B2C parcel delivery services in Europe and based in The Netherlands. Seems like Maersk has some serious intentions and get ready for the holiday season 2021. 
Community Engineering Hangouts is an excellent channel for getting the latest platform updates and news from the Adobe team. At August 10th, the latest meeting was incredibly informative and beneficial. Two topics were highlighted by the Community Engineering team. Such change also provides new opportunities for the third-party developers and companies. They can both create new extensions for Page Builder and integrate their themes. As an example, Hyva theme will be compatible with the Page Builder in upcoming releases.
Let’s have a deep dive into the world of eCommerce together with Atwix MageNews August 2021. All in all, this is outstanding news!
On August 10th, a new version of the platform was released. The 2.4.3 release contains a lot of important improvements and fixes. From the security perspective, two really important upgrades have been introduced:
“When we talk E-Commerce to customers, they want to significantly grow their business through this channel, handle demand curves better and broaden their reach to the U.S. market and cross border markets. The combination of Maersk Warehousing & Distribution, Performance Team and Visible SCM will enable a full omnichannel solution to create more reliable delivery flows and bandwidth.”
Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 Release Notes

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Check out the full podcast version here: 

Upcoming Events

It’s useful to note that the 11th release brings significant improvements through an impressive list of bug fixes, updated documentation and initial functionality for things like virtual products and layered navigation. 
The full recording of the event is available via the link: