In 2020, a hot debate centered around the possibility of making the Magento certification term no longer permanent, but with renewals required. On June 15, Adobe announced the final solution in the changes to all commerce credentials. Going forward, all Magento-related certifications require renewal. This is a logical decision based on the fact that the platform evolves from year to year and renewals help keep knowledge current, which is always a good practice. Find a detailed explanation of the renewal process here: Changes to All Commerce Credentials.
Today, we’re focusing on ways to help you make the most of your eCommerce platform, plus tips on the value of the Magento community and best practices for finding the right Magento consultant. As always, we cover some important updates from the Magento community. Check it out … then relax a bit!
You need to look at investments in a digital commerce platform from both the technical and business sides. Positive growth is a good indicator that the platform has solid support, planned new features and a fully developed roadmap for ongoing growth. Based on outstanding second quarter results, Adobe is certainly headed in the right direction.


  1. Magento and Small Businesses: Community Makes the Difference
  2. The future is Bright: Adobe Q2 Results
  3. Fraud Prevention: More Than Just Avoiding Risks
  4. Boost Your eCommerce Platform: Three Steps to Success
  5. Magento Consultants: Find the One That’s Right for You
  6. New Platform Health Project
  7. New Community Contributions Delivery Channel
  8. Certification Changes: Renewals Required
  9. Magento 2.4.3: One More Reason to Upgrade
  10. Magento Marketplace: No Zip Archive Packages
  11. Upcoming Events

Magento and Small Businesses: Community Makes the Difference

In last month’s MageNews, we shared services and business news that can help you plan for future digital sales events and campaigns. We think you’ll find some valuable ideas that can be applied to your business as you read through our discussions on fraud transaction radar and marketing tool upgrades. 

The Future is Bright: Adobe Q2 Results

Along with the good news regarding Magento PHP 8 compatibility project finalization, this month brings another significant update from the Magento Community Engineering team. During the regular Community Engineering Hangouts event, Gabriel da Gama and Stanislav Idolov presented a new Community Contribution Delivery Channel. The new workflow includes the Magento Quality Patches(MQP) with more available actions for Magento maintainers and community members. The main goal is to simplify the delivery of fixes to the mainline. Brilliant improvement! Learn more: Community Engineering Hangouts. Jun 16, 2021.

Fraud Prevention: More Than Just Avoiding Risks

Only CLI module installation via Composer is now available for merchants. This complements the automation code quality check integrated into the Marketplace. On the module page, you will find a new section:  

Boost Your eCommerce Platform: Three Steps to Success

Today, eCommerce is a bit like a journey around the space — no limitations to how you can travel or how far you can go, but it’s always important to have a final destination in mind. Before you head off, it’s helpful to follow the best practices. You can start with these three steps to boosting your eCommerce platform. They’re based on years of positive delivery of client experiences and detailed analyses of completed work.

Magento Consultants: Find the One That’s Right for You

“Attention: To promote the best practice of installing exsttensions via Composer, direct package download from My Purchases page has been disabled. Please follow the “How to Install” instructions to install or download the extensions. Click Read More for detailed instructions on installing Adobe Commerce extensions.”

Community Activities

New Platform Health Project

Without question, fraud prevention is a critical part of digital commerce — one that requires constant revising and investment. But fraud prevention can be about far more than minimizing risk. It can also be a growth driver, offering opportunities to deliver new services and seamless shopping experiences to your customers, which in turn boosts revenue. Learn more about the new economics of fraud. This recent CIO Review article confirmed the top reason why small businesses choose Magento: the Magento Community. Of course, open source technology and continually good reviews and ratings for Magento (Adobe Commerce) are important to small businesses. But it’s the Community that is the heart of the Magento engine, bringing together developers, architects, business partners, and other platform experts. You can search endlessly for answers to your questions across the internet — or you can quickly find the right answers in the Community forum.

Certification Changes: Renewals Required

In a June DevBlog post, Sergii Ivashchenko announced a new project opened for the community called the Platform Health Project. During intensive work on the PHP 8 compatibility project that brought the ability to use the latest PHP major release to the Magento platform, an interesting idea was conceived: to upgrade all existing dependencies to the latest releases. This should not only fix bugs, but also improve overall platform stability. The project is now open for Magento contributors and maintainers. Learn more: Announcing the Platform Health Community Project

Magento 2.4.3: One More Reason to Upgrade

Find more details on the plugin here: Adobe Releases New Composer Plugin with Magento 2.4.3 Release.

  • Private repos cannot be reached. The plugin sends a request for the repo that is being referenced to see if it can be reached.
  • A package is present in private repos and Packagist (public repository) simultaneously, AND the version of the package that satisfies the requirement from the public repo is higher.

Google “Magento agency” and the search presents approximately 1,690,000 results. Limit search results to the first three pages, and you get numerous resources declared TOP 16, 20, or even 50 Magento-oriented agencies available globally. This can be an overwhelming and confusing process for any business stakeholder, and even online recommendations cannot really confirm you are making the best choice. The good news is that simple, clear instructions to validate Magento consultant expertise are ready to guide you through the process. So before your next search, learn everything you need to know to find the best Magento consultants. Or reach out to Atwix directly 🙂

Magento Marketplace: No Zip Archive Packages

Quality report. It contains information regarding code quality, malware checks and manual testing results. This helps merchants identify the best package to select, and vendors to keep their modules up-to-date with the latest best practices.
Since June, zip archives with Magento modules are no longer available for downloads at the Magento Marketplace. If you visit the marketplace, you may see this notification:
Already, we’re at the midpoint of this year, with half of summer behind us. For many, this is the time for holidays and vacations, offering the chance to recharge before leaping into the next active phase of the eCommerce calendar. 
According to the upcoming releases roadmap, the 2.4.3 beta is accessible from June 7 with pre-release available as of July 27. The new release has many important features, including a new composer plugin to perform integrity checks during installation. The primary role of the new plugin is to validate package state:

Upcoming Events

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