3 Steps to Boost Your eCommerce Platform

If everything is touted as simple, why doesn’t it always work that way? One answer lies in selecting the right partner. Of course, identifying an ideal partner without seeing a team in action is never easy. We understand the challenge you face and have developed an Advanced Performance Audit to address it. 

On the desktop, MeasureUp homepage performance was up 21% based on speed index, largest contentful paint, time to interactive, first contentful paint, cumulative layout shift, and total blocking time. Overall performance for all desktop products was up 4%, with the same metrics categories used to measure homepage performance on the desktop. 
The eCommerce boom is real – and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. When the pandemic hit in 2020, eCommerce experienced 10 years worth of growth in just three months. According to ROI Revolution, during Cyber Week 2020, U.S. digital sales hit an all-time high of 0 billion globally, and 22% more shoppers participated in Cyber Week compared to the previous year.

Where Does the Optimal eCommerce Journey Begin?

Our Advanced Performance Audit provides a health check of your Magento web store and prospective solution providers. You can run the audit before signing any long-term partner agreements. 

  1. Identify your strategy and expected deliverables. In the absence of a clear roadmap,  the likelihood of your eCommerce journey going askew is high. Take the time to strategize on your long-term approach as you build in short-term deliverables. 
  2. Choose the right platform. The key is to be adaptable. The more flexible and adjustable a platform is, the simpler it is to keep pace with new trends and patterns. Adobe (Magento) Commerce meets that criteria, bringing both short-term and long-term benefits. It offers full-blast functionality from direct-to-commerce customization to marketplaces with clients and order management automation. 
  3. Select the right solution provider. The partner you choose to work with will be the bridge between your goals and what you achieve with the platform. Look for a partner who is certified, demonstrates strong expertise in both the platform and eCommerce, and is a dedicated team committed to delivering on schedule. 

Advanced Performance Audit Helps Simplify the Complex 

This case shows that it is real to reach great results and build long-term relationships based on short-term solutions, like Advanced Performance Audit. It is not only a great way to have a complex health-check of your web store, but also a great opportunity to see a potential partner in action. Interested to learn more? Talk to us, and we’d be happy to answer any questions. 
Within a matter of days, Atwix prepared a comprehensive report and analysis for the company. The audit report was presented at the end of September. We began working with the MeasureUp team on October 1, 2020—and one week later, improvements were in place. The scope of improvements for both mobile and desktop included:
Consistent desktop performance improvements is important to MeasureUp considering that the company’s primary online interaction with customers looking to purchase and take training exams is still desktop-based. 

Case in point: Advanced Performance Audit Triggers Improvements at MeasureUp

It’s time to take a fresh look at your approach to eCommerce. Learn how the Atwix Performance Audit for the Adobe (Magento) Commerce platform helps you stay attuned to your evolving business needs and goals. 
Following the deployment of these Improvements on the mobile version of the MeasureUp website, performance on the homepage was up 11%. Metrics were based on largest contentful paint, speed index, time to interactive, total blocking time, and first contentful paint. Overall mobile performance was up 15% based on the same metrics categories.  

  • Adding preload requests
  • Adjusting render blocking content
  • Enabling minification of HTML
  • Updating expiration headers
  • Removing outdated logs.

Businesses that have not moved online are missing a tremendous eCommerce opportunity. Even if your business already has an online presence, to remain competitive you need to make sure you are being proactive in your online approach. When it comes to the digital shopping experience, today’s consumers have high expectations. If you don’t meet them, one click is all it takes to be eliminated from consideration. 
In addition, the Advanced Performance Audit covers all vital performance areas, such as SEO, security, tools, extensions, and performance on different devices and much more. As a result of the audit, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes key takeaways and suggested actions, which are grouped by ease of implementation and estimated performance gain. The content of the report can be used to design a roadmap for your eCommerce strategy.
Thank you to the Atwix team for the best Adobe Commerce deployment. Performance indicators are getting better and better every day.
As you look to shape the continued success of your digital – and overall business – experience, consider these three steps as a proactive plan of action: 

MeasureUp offers training for IT Certifications exams, including Microsoft Official Practice Tests, Cisco, and CompTIA learning materials. The company had been dealing with some web performance issues and in late 2020 took the Advanced Performance Audit to pinpoint problems.
– Beni Castellanos, Chief Technology Officer at MeasureUp, Pedagoo, and Media Interactiva

These performance numbers confirm that use of mobile devices when purchasing training is a trend that is here to stay.