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Don’t forget to keep your extensions tuned to enjoy their new features and improvements! ?
Delivery Date experienced multiple improvements that affected:
SEO Suite Ultimate has added about ten new features. Some of them include:
Learn more here ?:
Simply put:

Six New Extensions

Multiple extension updates included adding such support.

Besides bug fixes, the extension has added:
We focused on the new product line, i.e., a range of extensions for marketing automation:
As we are enjoying the first days of 2021, let’s do a flashback and overview the major improvements and changes Mageworx top Magento extensions had.
Order Management experienced a massive update in 2020. 20+ issues were fixed. The following functionality was added:

  • Recent Sales Notifications. The extension adds social proof popups and HTML-text notifications to product pages and boasts 40+ pre-designed customizable templates.
  • Product Reviews & Reminders. The extension adds extended reviews to product pages and helps automate the process of review collection with the help of email and popup reminders. Design templates for popup reminders are also offered, while emails can be customized using the default Magento 2 functionality.
  • Product Countdown Timers. The extension adds countdown timers to your product pages, while you can choose from 20+ customizable pre-design templates to make timers as attractive as possible.

More than 15 bugs were fixed. Multiple SEO-related requirements were updated.
Mageworx APO
Customer Prices Suite has significantly added new improved import/export and REST API support.

  • Extended product reviews
  • Rewards program
  • Popup and email reminders to collect customer feedback
  • Personalized discounts
  • Popup and HTML text recent sales notifications
  • Stock status display
  • Product countdown timers

Multi Fees―that allows adding such extra fees as gift wrap, handling, and payment fees―has added:

Magento 1 EOL

Extensions Update

Gift Cards has added the Gift Card Product amount validation when added to cart and the setting “Send Email From” for the gift card codes to define the store-view (language) to use when sending the gift card emails.

6 new extensions for Magento 2, 110+ new features, and 240+ bug fixes―the Mageworx team worked hard to improve our existing products, release extensions that are unique for the market, and help Magento 2 merchants adapt for conditions that COVID-19 dictated, and still does.
If you are running a rewards program using our extension or still have doubts about Magento 2 Reward Points, last year, we fixed a handful of bugs for the module to make it even more powerful. The following features were added:
Mageworx Multi Fees
Store Locator, In-Store & Curbside Pickup for Magento 2
The release of the One Page Checkout Suite extension marked the end of the year.

  • GraphQl support for SEO rich snippets and SEO redirects
  • Adding the alternate hreflang URLs to Mageworx XML sitemap
  • Google listing preview feature
  • Active From―Active To dates for custom redirects

65+ bugs were fixed. Performance improvements were made, including front-end performance optimization.
About 25 fixes were made for the extension.
Free No-Contact Delivery/Curbside Pickup adds a label about such option availability to your product pages and enables the required functionality.

  • Images overlay
  • “Price per character” price type for text options
  • GraphQL (PWA themes) support
  • Full products+options import/export from M2 to M2 functionality
  • Dynamic options functionality (the feature to calculate product price based on custom values entered by the customer on the front-end)
  • “Shareable Link” feature

Mageworx Reward Points
Mageworx Reward Points
Dear 2020, you are dismissed”.

  • Delivery variables to the invoice and shipment emails
  • Functionality to set the cutoff time per product
  • Ability to disable delivery date selection by a customer (the “preselected delivery date” setting must be enabled first for correct work of that feature)
  • Non-working days per product
  • Cutoff time per time limits
  • Support for DHL methods (domestic and non-domestic)
  • Support for configurable products (estimated delivery can be dynamically displayed for each configuration now)
  • Displays the delivery date values according to child settings on the configurable product
  • Ability to filter delivery dates using product salable qty

2020 was exciting twice as Magento stopped supporting Magento 1. (Apologies for the irony ?)
The following functionality has also been added:
Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate

Advanced Product Options has added seven new features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Feature to synchronize orders when loading the orders grid
  • Feature to synchronize orders using Magento 2 cron
  • Comments during invoice/shipment creation
  • New column: Qty per SKU (per product)
  • Possibility to configure and add disabled products to order

But wait, there is more:

  • New event for customer registration
  • Compatibility with Mageworx Multi Fees (now the fees can be paid using the points)

You can shop our Magento 1 extensions here ?:

  • Detailed fees block to order totals in the email
  • Functionality to add multiple fees to cart on a single API call
  • Compatibility with Klarna payment method
  • Setting “Label” for product fee block (Product page)
  • API support
  • Min amount for percent values of fees

Mageworx Customer Prices Suite
At Mageworx, we do our best to test each extension and ensure it supports the new Magento 2 version to the full.
Let’s hope that 2021 will be even more exciting! ?
Many reflect negatively on the previous year but not us.
But if we do point a finger and go into details:


About ten bugs were also fixed for the extension.
Your customers will enjoy the possibility to fill in all standard and custom fields on one checkout page, leave comments, specify the preferred delivery option and date, create an account, activate discounts and coupon codes, etc.
The module fixed about a dozen bugs.

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