To help companies of all sizes jump-start and accelerate their digital growth, Adobe worked with a number of solution integrators and agencies to develop Rapid Deployment Packages (RDPs). What started as proofs of concept in late 2019 gathered huge momentum through February and March 2020 and is accelerating into 2021. RDPs are a set of three distinct offerings that address specific merchant needs based on the current state of their commerce journey.
Accelerators are industry-specific packages that incorporate a best-in-class approach presented in a bundled solution. Accelerators typically include a set of favored extensions, applications, and custom configuration.
The Starter Package is best for businesses with aggressive growth strategies that need to launch a revenue-generating site fast.
Solution partners may offer one, or more, of the three defined packages featured in the RDP: Starter, Express, or Accelerator. Each one covers the end-to-end customer life cycle. Here is what they include:
Participating partners are invited to apply based on their ability to deliver on time and on budget and are evaluated every quarter.


These packages are defined by partners through years of research, consultation, and repeatable and successful implementations all rolled into a delivery methodology that is akin to bespoke.
There is no doubt the unprecedented events of this year have challenged businesses of all sizes like never before. Like so many generation-defining events, the magnitude and impact of this period is not something any of us expected. But what’s clear is that our go-forward will be very different from our past. In the span of a few short weeks, all aspects of life shifted to digital in a way that we didn’t expect to see for another five or even 10 years.


Many have advocated that merchants of all sizes must rush to create an online presence. But while that strategy is right for some, a more methodical approach is required for others. Either way, once the strategy is set, the more quickly you start transacting – offering products or services, capturing orders, accepting payment, fulfilling, and shipping – the more quickly you start burning down total cost of ownership (TCO) and realizing return on investment (ROI) on your technology investment.
Ideal for businesses that want more than a templated software as a service offering, the Starter RDP can deliver a fast time-to-value and does not require a great deal of technical integration. It also offers a lightweight, budget-controlled scope and a prescriptive approach on a platform that will grow with you.


RDPs are now offered by a number of Magento-focused solution partners around the world who are part of the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Solution partners offer feature sets to match your eCommerce strategy, as well as your budget, and provide a post-launch roadmap for continued enhancements, consultation, and support.
This put extreme pressure on all businesses to differentiate their online experiences. It required developers to stitch together more backend systems in order to craft engaging customer experiences and do it all with scalability, security, and extreme performance. With the changing demographics of people turning to digital channels, their different experience levels mean companies need to meet different expectations and needs.
Whether B2B, B2C, or a hybrid business model, Express addresses the needs of all your business segments.

Adobe can help

Express offerings are best for businesses with an established eCommerce direction and are ready to get to the next stage in their growth. Businesses launching with Express are looking to create unique digital experiences for their diverse clients (whether consumer or wholesale) and require some configuration, extensions, and complementary applications to deliver an unrivaled customer engagement experience.
Whether you’re a local mom-and-pop shop, a multinational enterprise, or somewhere in-between, disruption is part of business and life. Sometimes, like in our present reality, they collide. 
Regardless of where in your commerce journey you may be, Adobe has the commerce solution and a range of RDP options with solution partners around the world to help you accelerate your growth coming out of this pandemic. Click here to learn more.

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