In August, Magento U’s free training offerings will be moving to Adobe Experience League, Adobe’s vast library of free learning content and courses. Experience League offers developers, architects, product leaders, and marketing practitioners personalized pathways to learn, connect, and grow their expertise based on role and experience level, anytime, anywhere. This change will provide free access to tutorials on getting started with Magento to more people than ever before, and also gives clear guidance on which fee-based Magento training from Adobe Digital Learning Services is recommended for those who need more in-depth learning.

Fee-Based Magento Training

Happy learning … and don’t forget to get certified!

Free Magento Training

We continue to make great progress with our integration of Magento and Adobe Experience Cloud operations, including a number of exciting recent changes related to Magento training and certification.

Magento Certification

Also in August, Magento customers, partners, and developers gained the ability to manage certifications, register to take Magento exams, and download digital badges through the Adobe Credential Manager. With digital badges, Magento certified developers can showcase their professional qualifications on social media sites, documents, and emails, allowing people to instantly learn about their credentials and verify their authenticity. As part of the integration of Magento certification into the Adobe Credential Program, Magento certified developers also get the benefit of aligning to Adobe Certified credential levels of Expert, Professional, and Master, as well as certification badges reflecting the new Adobe branding. Refer to this detailed guide to learn what you can do with the Adobe Credential Manager and how to publish and share digital versions of your Magento credentials.

Partner Technical Enablement

In July, we integrated all fee-based Magento training into Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) on to offer customers a one-stop resource for all Experience Cloud applications. Now the full Magento course catalogue for front-end and back-end developers, system administrators, business architects, and business practitioners can be accessed on the ADLS site. ADLS’s global team of experts, world-class processes, and high-value training packages will take the end-to-end Magento learning experience to a whole new level.
Finally, following the recent integration of the Magento and Adobe Solution Partner Programs, Adobe Partners who are growing a Magento practice can now apply all of their great program benefits to Magento training and certification as well, including the addition of valuable Magento training content into the Adobe Solution Partners Portal.

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