How To Set Up Magento 2 Wishlists From Backend

This feature lets customers email their friends a link to the wish list. Additionally, customers and store admin can manage the wish list through the account dashboard and Magento Admin.
Step 3: Now, in the Wishlists setting, we have 3 main areas:
A wishlist is a collection of goods registered customers want to buy later or share with others.

Step 4: Finally, click Save Config to finish.

What is a Wishlist?

Mainly, 40% of buyers said that a wishlist feature where they could save things could improve their purchasing experience. Thus, put yourself in the online customers’ shoes with Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists. How?
Step 2: Navigate to the Customers section, then click Wishlist.

How does Magento 2 Default Support Wishlist?


In case you need a solution, Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists will make your store different. No more messy wishlist. Everything will be organized and easy to find, improving customer experience and fastening the purchase process. 

Have you ever experienced a messy wishlist and wasted time seeking desired items? Instead of doing typical work, you can enhance customer satisfaction by allowing them to create ajax wishlists. 
And yet, this extension allows your customer to copy-paste, remove or move the wishlist to another wishlist.

Setting Up Magento 2 Wishlists From Back End

Configure the Wish List

Obviously, a wishlist can’t be missing from any website. Thus, your store can’t stand out from the crowd if you just provide standard features. 


If the above method allows the admin to configure the Magento 2 backend, configuring sharing a wishlist is more likely used by customers. 

When customers add a product with numerous options to their wish list, each option will be listed separately. In other cases, the quantity of the product is updated automatically if it is added to the wish list again rather than making a new space for a new addition.

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  • General options: To enable this function, choose YES. Besides, you can freely decide whether to show the wishlist in the sidebar or not. 
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  • Share options:
Configure Action
Email Sender Set to Store Contact
Email Template Set to what you want to use once customers share their wishlist.
Max Emails Allowed to be Sent Range from 10 (default) to 10,000
Email Text Length Limit 255 (default) or your demand


Configure Sharing a Wish List

Step 1: Log in to the backend dashboard. Then, on the Admin panel, choose Stores > Configuration.

  • Select My Wish List from the Account Dashboard after logging into the customer account.
  • Choose the Share Wish List option.
  • Then fill in the email address and message you want to send. 
>>> Easily import/ export wishlist items with Magento 2 Import Export Wishlist Item

Instead of buying immediately, customers tend to consider carefully and wait for a suitable occasion these days. The wishlist will help them keep the in-love items but in pending status. Luckily, with Magento 2, setting up the wishlist is straightforward yet brings many benefits to your business. 

Break Through Limitations With Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists

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The “Add to Wishlist” button will display on your store’s category and product pages as soon as you enable wishlists. Each product’s category or detail page will include a link that says “Add to Wish List.” You can set it as a text link or a graphic image, depending on your theme. 
Suppose you’re wondering how the default function works and the configuration step from the back end. This post will figure out everything you need. 

Moreover, each item on the wishlist may be shared with the customer friend’s email. 

In the first quarter of 2022, customer experience is one of the most critical factors that impact store revenue. Indeed, according to Guardian, the quality of customer experience will be more significant than pricing and product as a vital differentiator.
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As a result, they may more effectively track their desired products in this way, leading to quicker purchasing decisions.

You can configure the wishlist in Magento back end with just 4 steps:


Wishlists are a terrific tool to retain clients if they are not immediately ready to purchase by preserving all the desired things for people to add to their basket at any moment.
In addition to default Magento 2, your customers are able to set up sub-lists based on their requests or interests through a popup. Besides, wholesalers might compile lists of numerous goods appropriate for their target market.
Generally, the wish list can be seen as a valuable tool for the customer’s purchasing because it allows for easy sharing of products with friends and serves as a place to save their favorite items.
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