They say remote working helps us become more productive, and this May seems to confirm that. 

Based on Adobe Commerce, Pacemaker provides customers with a solution that helps to integrate third-party systems and addresses the following recurring issues:

  1. Magento, an Adobe company
  2. Amasty – extensions provider
  3. Avalara – tax compliance solutions
  4. Fastly – performance, security
  5. Firebear Studio – extensions provider
  6. Hyvä – frontend solutions
  7. Pacemaker – third-party systems integrator for Adobe Commerce
  8. Yotpo – loyalty, visual & SMS marketing, referrals, reviews.


2021 sales tax holidays

  • Industry’s First CDP Architected for First-Party Data  – the only enterprise application that serves as a centralized hub for first-party data, provides real-time, machine-learning-powered personalization at scale, and offers a new Segment Match capability that lets brands collaborate to expand their own first-party data sets through partnerships.
  •  The B2B edition of Adobe Real-time CDP allows customers to bring together both individual and account profiles for complete intelligence and activation to help B2B companies think and act like B2C brands. 
  • Updated Branding: Magento Commerce is now Adobe Commerce – Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud are now officially Adobe Commerce. The corporate Magento brand is also retired; all corporate references should be Adobe. Please see the updated branding guidelines on the portal.
  • Adobe Commerce Capabilities have been enriched by: new Product Recommendations, powered by Adobe Sensei, New Live Search for fast and hyper-relevant results and search experiences on a merchant’s site. Adobe also announced a new strategic partnership with FedEx that will enable Adobe Commerce merchants to integrate their storefronts with FedEx ShopRunner. 
  • New Marketing System of Record – Adobe previewed its new Marketing System of Record as the single source of truth for connecting and managing work across the entire marketing lifecycle. 


With the API and ATO protection dashboards now available in Fastly’s next-gen WAF (formerly Signal Sciences), security teams get even more clear and granular visibility into Layer 7 attacks with minimal manual effort. The dashboards surface security telemetry from more than 20 new signals for advanced attack scenarios, such as account takeover, credit card validation, and password reset. 
At Summit, Adobe introduced innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud, unveiling:
The turnkey solution covers the smooth integration of third-party systems as part of an Adobe Commerce project.  Middleware Pacemaker is one of the central elements. It is another milestone and company is very proud of this achievement.
Check out Amasty’s new monthly deals → .

  • Flexible payment options.
  • Dedicated team.
  • 100% coding standards.
  • Guaranteed to meet the timelines.
  • Wide technology stack.
  • 280+ Magento solutions and custom development services (not only for Magento).


In account takeover attacks (ATOs) bad actors use compromised credentials from password lists and data dumps to gain unauthorized access to customer accounts through either an app’s customer-facing authentication flow or via authentication APIs. It’s an attack type that’s on the rise and can seriously impact a business.
Why working with Avalara?
Why working with Firebear Studio?
Every day partner strives to better fit their clients’ needs and therefore offer flexible pricing for complex solutions, and custom development services.

  • Automate the sales tax process with a cloud-based tax engine to save time, reduce tax risk, and improve rates and rules accuracy.
  • Future-proof your business to changes in tax compliance as you expand into new markets and introduce new products.
  • Automate tax remittance dates and calculations of cross-border sales.


Whom does the solution address?
Why working with Hyvä?
Why working with Pacemaker? 
Hope you found this material timely and useful! Want to see the news from another companies or to start partnering with Atwix? Contact us!

Firebear Studio

Addressing a rising security challenge with more visibility Find out when and where you can skip the sales tax!

  • Improved Import & Export for Magento 2 — this extension lets you automate data transfers to and from your website. It provides the ability to import third-party tables to Magento 2 due to rich mapping functionality. 
  • Robust Integration Services — the company offers broad integration opportunities for Magento 2 based on the Improved Import & Export as well as various integration addons. Firebear not only delivers tools but also provides data transfer configurations that suit particular business needs.  
  • Flexible Customizations — if your business requires an individual approach when it comes to data transfers, Firebear’s specialists are here to help you. They can implement a unique solution based on the company’s existing tools, following particular demands.


  • Hyvä Themes version 1.1 released recently, introducing new features like product swatches and store/currency switches, along with a lot of improvements. A lot of time and focus has gone into compatibility with 3rd party modules. Available modules are listed in online module tracker, where members can also collaborate and vote for modules to be made compatible. Extensions vendors are also starting to pick up Hyvä now that the momentum is growing.
  • Check out the latest at Talking Hyvä episode IV.
  • The first Hyvä Meetup was held in May, with a Hyvä showcase and everything you want to know about PageBuilder + Hyvä Themes. The event ended with a Q&A with the Hyvä team. Watch it back here. 

The last month of spring 2021 did its work and left us with some nice changes in terms of creating a smoother and more exciting shopping experience both for the clients and for the merchants. Certain trends we notice in Magento ecosystem’s partnerships – security enhancements, automation and strong collaboration. Which is so great – together we can do much more! And to be specific, we’ve prepared some interesting news from our trusted partners in fresh May digest. Enjoy the read!

  • Hyvä offers a frontend that is enjoyable to work with, using modern tools as TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. It is a complete rebuild of the frontend, using layout.xml and phtml templates.
  • Hyvä offers the best frontend performance out of the box, scoring higher on Google Lighthouse and Core vitals than any other Magento frontend currently available.
  • Hyvä drastically reduces the time needed to build a frontend for Magento. Users are reporting 30-50% faster build times, saving budget for merchants of all sizes.


Why working with Amasty?
A sales tax holiday is a limited period of time during which otherwise taxable products are exempt from sales tax. They are popular with consumers because they save money. Although they can complicate tax compliance, business owners usually like them because it brings in additional revenue.  
Firebear has just introduced a bunch of new products: 
Amasty has expanded their catalog with new demanded products to help customers find everything they need in one place. Import Customers, Custom Reports Builder, CMS Page Builder, Voicefront are already on sale. And company is now working over the next releases: Marketplace, Partial Payments, Configurable Products in Bundles. 

  • Inconsistent data. 
  • Lack of ability to prioritize processes. 
  • Intransparent running processes. 

May was a bright month for the company, as they have launched:

  • Medium + large companies up to corporate groups with a complex system landscape.
  • Companies that are striving for or already operating a multi- or omnichannel solution and thus have complex and asynchronous data streams to coordinate.
  • Companies with complex store systems with a multitude of websites, languages and an extensive catalog.


TechDivision is in the process of having a turnkey solution, with the USP Pacemaker, accredited within the Adobe Amplify Solution Program. In May the concept phase was successfully completed.  Take a closer look here >>.

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