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  1. Magento, an Adobe company
  2. Amasty – extensions provider
  3. Avalara – tax compliance solutions
  4. Fastly – performance, security
  5. Shipper HQ – shipping solutions
  6. Webscale – hosting provider, cloud automation, security
  7. Yotpo – loyalty, visual & SMS marketing, referrals, reviews.

Magento, an Adobe Company

Online shopping has made the retail world smaller than ever before. From a customer’s point of view, a click is a click, whether shopping domestically or internationally. But for an online seller, expanding into global markets means a host of new considerations and inherent complexity.
Layer 7 constitutes the front line in the battle against account takeover, API abuse and misuse, and injection-style attacks.
This should amplify the acquisition benefits of our Gamification of review collection – using AI-powered prompts and a progress bar to encourage customers to write longer reviews, covering specific topics of the brand’s choosing.
Three years after Adobe’s acquisition of Magento, the eCommerce platform is now officially rebranding. Adobe is consolidating its commerce product brand from Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud to a single brand known as Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento. 
ShipperHQ, the Official Pre-Purchase Shipping Solution for Adobe Commerce, recently released a new guide that shows how merchants can create a checkout that rivals Amazon’s. This guide shows merchants how they can replicate Amazon experiences, like free shipping, accurate delivery dates and convenient shipping choices, with limited time, resources and funds. 
Enhanced Checkout integration
We hope April’s edition of the Atwix Partner Newsletter was beneficial. Our aim is to provide timely updates and insights, and to further encourage collaboration and growth across our partner ecosystem. Please share your insights and suggestions to help us fulfill this mission. Thank you!
Webscale Cloud Application Testing allows merchants to evaluate their site’s functionality after new code releases, and test performance at peak demand using real traffic logs. 
With Enhanced Checkout for Adobe Commerce, merchants have access to:

  • Make any site a Progressive Web App (PWA)—New properties allow configuring sites as PWAs to make them installable and available offline, with no need for coding. The feature requires Core Components.
  • Content Fragment Model extensions—Continuing our Headless CMS development, Content Fragment models now allow authors to create lists of multiline as well as single line text fields in the editor.
  • Commerce storefront product component configuration—Extending the Commerce Integration Framework, authors in Experience Manager can now use and configure product components on any content page – simplifying storefront authorship in Experience Manager.

In this light, Fastly has announced the new partnership with Okta to integrate their web application and API protection platform with Okta’s identity and access management platform. By feeding intelligence to Okta, Fastly expects to be able to help them spot potential bad actors to make better authentication decisions. 

  • Dynamic Media support for Connected Assets—Dynamic Media image support adds seamless preview, tuning, and publication of optimized content to Connected Assets, and includes support for image-based core components Image, Teaser, and Carousel.
  • Schedule Bulk Asset Ingestions—Cloud Service customers can now streamline ingestion of bulk assets with a new scheduling capability that lets them select dates and times for one-time or recurring events.

Speaking of Amazon, during the Adobe Summit 2021, ShipperHQ also announced their newly upgraded Enhanced Checkout integration. Adobe Commerce merchants that integrate with ShipperHQ’s out-of-the-box PWA-powered checkout experience will gain access to Amazon-like customer-friendly capabilities including time-slot delivery, a calendar selector, and split shipping. Additional functionality includes robust order information like packing specifications, shipping rates and methods, and dispatch dates. 


Magento Commerce is now  Adobe Commerce
Tests are easy to set up, with just a few clicks, and simple to repeat as often as needed. To learn more and schedule a demo, click here>>.


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Amazon Style Checkout Guide
Webscale allows eCommerce businesses to replay their best day, and ensure critical issues around availability and scalability are quickly identified and addressed.
Experience Manager Sites
Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service:
Fastly and Okta partner to lock down layer 7


3 steps you can take to grow cross-border sales for your eCommerce business
April 2021 experienced much in the way of eCommerce news and announcements, no more so than Adobe Commerce’s ecosystem. Breaking news to cover this month: Magento Commerce rebranding to Adobe Commerce, Adobe Summit 2021 connected 1,000s of us, Partner ecosystem product expansions centered on improved customer experiences, speeding up the purchase process, and scaling a merchant’s offerings and reach. Let’s check out what Atwix Partners brought us in April!
You can access it here. 
Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service
Experience Manager Assets:

Shipper HQ

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Recently, Layer 7 attacks are getting both larger and more common. The scorecard makes for grim reading. All the while, these attacks have become harder to identify, as bad actors find ways to mimic normal user behavior.
This month, the Amasty team gathered the best deals on tools that can help to explode your sales to unprecedented levels. They continue expanding their catalog of Magento solutions with proven tools developed by their partners, and for this time, you’ll find solutions for voice-enabled shopping with Alexa and Google, personalized products, instant messaging with WhatsApp, and performance optimization services.
Improve eCommerce Tax Exemption and Cross-Border Compliance with Avalara
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Ensuring your latest code deployment won’t buckle under a large surge in traffic is critical for ecommerce merchants wanting to maintain a great user experience for their customers.

  • Split Shipping – A divided checkout experience that allows customers to choose individualized delivery choices for each shipment
  • PWA-Ready Technology – Receive a fully responsive checkout with instant rate returns and minimal maintenance
  • Expanded Shipping Offerings – Support for convenient delivery options like buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), time-slot delivery, alternative delivery, delivery dates, and a calendar date selector
  • Shipping Insights – Quickly view details such as packing and box specifications, shipping rates, methods chosen at checkout, dispatch, delivery date and time, carrier quotes, and shipping fees

Webscale pays a special attention to Headless, PWA and possibility to secure your web store. 


Magento Open Source branding and support remain unchanged. Adobe continues to support the Magento Association and its charter of empowering the global Magento community to come together, learn, share, and collaborate on commerce challenges. 
Google has updated the way it crawls and subsequently indexes content online. Their algorithm now promotes more in-depth, longer product reviews as opposed to shorter content as it looks to show the most helpful information possible for shoppers. You can read more on the update on this article.
Recent updates from Adobe Experience Manager 
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Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service offers a cloud-native, Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for businesses to create, manage, publish, and update complex digital forms while integrating submitted data with back-end processes, business rules, and saving data in an external data store. The service is always current, always available, and always learning.
Article will give you the answers on when PWA is a good solution, when Core Web Vitals shall be the first matter you take care of and if demistifies some myths around headless overall. 
Being on the same page with our trusted partner, Atwix’s CTO has prepared a guest blog for Webscale dedicated to PWA myths & reality, as this topic has been quite hot recently. 
Adaptation to the new Google algorithms 
From New York to New Delhi, roving stay-at-home orders designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus have changed the way we live, play, and consume. Some of us spent at least 35% more time than usual in residential areas during lockdowns in 2020, and some of us are back home again to stave off new variants. With fewer outings afoot, we can sleep more, read more, watch more, and shop more online — both with familiar retailers and new favorites abroad.
Webscale Cloud Application Testing


PWA myths & reality 
Download the guide here. 
Get more details here.
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