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Since May 2021, Google starts using the user experience as one of the key ranking factors. For the April promo program, Amasty has focused on solutions that can help prepare Magento web shop for Google’s new Page Experience update, including:
And let’s face it – Magento is all about the Community and its broad partner ecosystem – so staying current on what’s new and what’s changing is a must. So in addition to MageNews, we’re happy to introduce and produce another monthly write-up about our technology partners. This read will contain some news on product releases, Magento extensions, events of interest and much more. Enjoy March’s partner news! Adobe announces Magento certification prices increase as of May 3rd, that will apply to all the vouchers purchased or received after May 3rd, 2021. Learn more about these new prices in Adobe’s respective blog post. 
The company has updated these extensions to meet Google’s latest requirements for user experience and page speed. Learn more about their promo program.
2. Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service is available (since March 25th) having been rebuilt from the ground up — faster, more scalable, easier to use, and adding even more layers of security to a customer’s cloud environment. It’s also integrated with Adobe Sign, making a seamless end-to-end digital enrollment and onboarding solution. 

  • Brand Portal Asset Sourcing lets customers of Experience Manager Assets Cloud Service source digital campaigns or product assets from outside agencies, from partners, as well as from internal teams.
  • Connected Assets – Remote References — already available on Cloud Service, remote reference support will be available to AMS and on-prem customers as of March 11. The release of Experience Manager 6.5 service pack 8 addresses tracking and display of Asset references, and when a Remote Sites instance is used in a Connected Assets configuration.

1. Adobe Experience Manager Headless/GraphQL, announced in this blog post during last month’s Adobe Developers Live conference, generated great interest, so Adobe has shared a list of great resources targeted for IT/developer personas:

  • UI Testing in Cloud Manager — customers can now automate custom user-interface tests for production pipelines within Cloud Manager.
  • Cloud Acceleration — new transition tools automate tasks to accelerate the move to Cloud Service. Content Transfer Tool extends support to Experience Manager Forms, as well as Sites and Assets.

Magento Commerce merchants integrated with ShipperHQ can: 

  • How will a solution integrate with your existing business systems such as CMS, CRM, and ERP?
  • Is the platform supported by a diverse community of solutions partners and developers?
  • Does it have the capability to support diverse business models including B2B and B2C-B2B hybrids?
  • Know the platform features to compete in the online marketplaces of tomorrow?

4. Experience Manager as a Cloud Service
3. Experience Manager Assets
At Atwix, a primary success driver is developing long, trusted partnerships. You cannot win anything alone. Well, you can, but it will be much more difficult and way more boring. To learn about trends, investments, and the business impact of security on the e-commerce industry, Webscale’s 2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report goes into depth. You can access it here. 

  • SEO Services
  • Magento Optimization Service
  • Magento 2 Upgrade Service
  • Google Page Speed Optimizer
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Elastic Search

Our team at Atwix hopes you found this digest timely, useful and insightful. Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the partner digest. Also, consider adding comments below! Lastly, if you found the read of value please share with your team and Magento community. 6. Certification Prices Change as of May 3rd
2021 Global Ecommerce Security Report 
Why SMS & Loyalty Should Drive Your Retention Strategy

  • Execute a fully customized shipping strategy with rules based on real-world logic
  • Use shipping as a marketing tool by deploying dynamic and timely promotions
  • Give customers transparent shipping details with actual delivery dates
  • Offer convenient delivery options at checkout like curbside and alternative pickup 
  • Improve efficiency with instant LTL freight rates for large, bulky, or heavy items
  • Save money by validating address type, auto-selecting the best box for orders, managing rates from all shipping origins
  • More details are available here.

Yotpo explains how using combined loyalty modules and timely SMS flows based on loyalty program behavior can boost the revenue through leveraging the value proposition based on consumer journey. This way the right combination of good tools has chances to synergize and bring company a true profit. Read the full article
5. Adobe Presents Important Considerations when planning your platform upgrade including: 
In 2020, as the global eCommerce industry witnessed a decade’s worth of growth in a matter of months, so did the threat of cyberattack on those same storefronts. According to some reports, the industry recorded a huge 50% spike in Magecart-type attacks last year, and the unprecedented growth of eCommerce due to the pandemic has offered an increasingly vulnerable hunting ground for cybercriminals. With ShipperHQ’s unified Shipping Rate Management Platform, merchants can boost their bottom line through flexible shipping rates, powerful features and convenient delivery choices tailored to the way they do business. Through this collaboration, existing Magento Shipping merchants also have access to ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout, an out-of-the-box, PWA-powered Amazon-like checkout experience that includes time slot delivery, a calendar date selector, split-shipping capabilities and a robust order view. 
ShipperHQ is the official Pre-Purchase shipping solution provider for Magento. ShipperHQ, has been selected as the official pre-purchase shipping technology solution for existing Magento Shipping merchants.
Being a great asset both for the PMs, marketers and business analysts, eBook can be downloaded here.

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