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10 Years’ Growth in 3 Months

Starting from December 7th, Magento Marketplace modules that don’t support Magento 2.3 or/and 2.4 are no longer available for purchase:

We congratulate the new Magento Association Board of Directors and wish them continued success stewarding our community. We also thank those rolling off the Board for their service.
Just used the new @Hyva_io #Magento 2 admin module that provides an alternative way of creating admin grids, and its an amazing way of creating admin grids! I’d recommend using it instead of using the built in UI Components way, if you have the option.
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Magento Marketplace Updates

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PWA and Headless

Hyvä developments

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Future of Magento Frontend Round Table

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Changes in EngCom Team

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Magento Association Board Changes

PSA: Starting today, users will not be able to view #Magento #Marketplace extensions that do not support current versions of M2. They will show up on the category/search pages, but instead of the product details we will send users to the developer page with the following message:

  • Treasurer Hilda Fontana has resigned her role and position on the board to focus on other projects and the role of treasurer will now be held by Danny Verkade. 
  • Vice-Chair Kuba Zwolinski, has stepped down from his officer role, and the role of vice-chair will now be held by Slava Kravchuk. 
  • Adobe, Magento Commerce Liaison Brittany Mosquera has stepped down from her role, and the position will now be held by Eric Erway.

We experienced an explosive growth of digital commerce in 2020. Saying that the past year was unusual, is definitely an understatement, however, now we see for certain, that eCommerce was one of those spheres that benefited most. Shoppers across the globe spent a record 0 billion online this Cyber Week (BFCM – a period from Thanksgiving up until Cyber Monday), growing an astonishing 36% YoY — outpacing even our most bullish projection.


Happy New Year, Magento community! For those of us working in eCommerce, last year felt more like a decade. B2B and B2C businesses as well as Adobe ecosystem partners faced quick and intense change. However, we (virtually) came together —  by innovating, learning, and growth. In this way, we collectively have reason to celebrate — we met the moment. While turning the page, let’s spend a bit of time recapping 2020 and predicting what is likely to occur in 2021.

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