In the past, there were many concerns about the transparency of the program.
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UPDATE Nearly 2000 Magento stores got hacked over the weekend, which is – by far – the largest automated campaign to date. Malware loader: mcdnn[.]net. Exfil: imags[.]pw
However, FedEx, for example, expects from 5 to 8% delivery volumes growth this year, which leaves a valid concern about holiday season delivery capacity — when we have a huge number of orders and customers expect them to be delivered in time.


  1. [Merchant] No ordinary moment
  2. [Merchant] IKEA’s [not only] e-comm challenge
  3. [Merchant] Will you deliver [in time]?
  4. [Merchant] Get ready for new
  5. [Security] Massive Magento 1 attack
  6. [Security] Enhanced Security Scan Tool
  7. [Security] Carding attack – Magento 2.3
  8. [Community] Magento Masters is now Magento Commerce Champions
  9. [Community] Adobe Tech Blog
  10. [Community] New Product Recommendations type is coming
  11. [Community] Interview with Magento Community Engineering Maintainer
  12. [Community] Mental health day 2020
  13. [Community] Understanding ADA Compliance
  14. [Community] Get ready to meet the community – MageConf 2020
  15. [Technical] Magento 2.3.x support is extended
  16. [Technical] Magento B2B – Order Approval flows
  17. [Technical] Magento 2 extension for Imgix
  18. [Technical] Working with Docker on Windows 10
  19. Upcoming events
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No ordinary moment

– Oct 23-24th – Contribution Day & MageCONF 2020, Online
– Oct 27th – Meet Magento Poland 2020, Online
– Oct 30th – Meet Magento New York 2020, Online
– Apr 13–15th, 2021 – Adobe Summit 2021, Online

IKEA’s [not only] e-comm challenge

Starting on Friday, September 11th and following into the weekend and following week, 2806 Magento 1 stores were hacked, which is 3% of total install base.
At the same time when Magento 1 is facing major security challenges, Adobe is investing heavily in Magento 2 security.

Will you deliver [in time]?

Merchants using Magento 2.3.x and Braintree are facing continuous carding attacks. This thread should help you design the solution. You should also reach out to your system integrator, in case any help is needed.
Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei is a huge deal, as this solution provides AI product recommendations for Magento Commerce customers for free.
Moreover, Black Friday [and other holidays’] doorbusters are not gone, but replaced by digital equivalents. We already saw this during the launch of next-gen consoles, and retailers have to figure out how to deal with these kinds of situations.
The massive and automated hacking of several thousands of Magento 1 stores in September 2020, got code name “Cardbleed” by Sansec to differentiate with other campaigns.
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Atwix is an active contributor to Magento. Now we decided to get the community closer with its heroes — we started with Magento Community Maintainers. Meet the interview with Vlad Veselov and learn what he got to share.
In order to accelerate its B2B roadmap, Adobe has agreed to acquire Accorin’s order approval technology, which allowed Magento B2B to add order approval in Magento B2B 2.4.0.
More Info:
– [Fastcompany] Ikea’s e-commerce was already pretty bad. During COVID-19, it absolutely fell apart
– [eTail] IKEA is Finally Taking Ecommerce Seriously.

Get ready for new

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– [Walmart] Walmart Plus
– [Tom’s Guide] Walmart Plus — Everything you need to know
– [Market] Walmart’s E-Commerce Explosion, by the Numbers
– [Forbes] Amazon Has Finally Met Its Match
Adobe Tech Blog on Medium is a resource providing information for all kinds of developers and other professionals working with Adobe apps. Make sure to explore it.
The Sansec, early breach detection system, detected 1904 distinct Magento stores with a unique keylogger (skimmer) on the Magento one step checkout.


Massive Magento 1 attack

Currently in Beta

More Info:
– [Magento DevBlog] PHP 7.4 support for Magento 2.3.x release line
We are testing a new type of @AdobeSensei AI for @magento Product Recommendations. Visual AI will find and recommend products from the catalog that are most visually similar to a product on PDP.
For those like us in e-commerce, the holiday season is now well underway. Add to the normal seasonal sprint a global pandemic that continues to upend life and business as we know it. We will not only get through it all. We will help each other, study and learn, and adapt and innovate…like we always do.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Adobe issued an article on understanding the importance of ADA compliance for e-commerce.

Enhanced Security Scan Tool

The visual similarity recommendation type suggests similar-looking products. This recommendation type is most useful where images and visual aspects of the products are important parts of the shopping experience, like fashion and apparel.
Helpful resources:
– [Elsevier] Accessibility Checklist
– [Wave] Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

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– Atwix MageNews – September 2020
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Being the new editor of Atwix’s monthly news digest — MageNews — is a great honor and responsibility. My hope is to build on the practical value my predecessor delivered. Our goal remains the same — to monitor and surface key drivers and highlights taking place in our incredible Magento ecosystem. We look to provide MageNews in an easy to read format. Ultimately, we want to further community knowledge and engagement by helping inform developers, merchants, and partners across the Magento world.

Carding attack – Magento 2.3

More Info:
– [Magento Association] Magento 2 B2B Order Approval Workflows
During the holiday season this year it is not only important to beat the sales goals, but also to think long term and make sure you deliver on all of your customers’ expectations and your relationships with them are not messed up for the future.

Magento Masters is now Magento Commerce Champions

Magento Masters program is evolving and for good. It should be now possible to submit an application and it seems like the process going to be more transparent. We look forward to the application announcement and more details.

– Start the holiday sales early and provide “best price guarantee”, so customers will not wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get the best deals and your delivery will not be overloaded;
– Manage customer expectations — provide realistic delivery dates for the holiday season;
– Make sure to meet all obligations to sustain better long-term relationships.

Adobe Tech Blog

When the average cost of a data breach is nearly million, it pays to plan ahead. See what the Magento Security Scan tool can do to thwart digital skimming. And the best part? It’s free.

New Product Recommendations type is coming

IKEA is struggling to adapt to the new reality, when e-commerce is the main channel. Traditionally, the company was relying on physical store experiences — customers were even rewarded to visit stores offline and was a secondary channel. The COVID-19 pandemic changed that. Now, as physical experiences should be replaced with e-commerce ones, this becomes a challenge — IKEA is facing difficulties in processing online orders as well as in securing curbside pickup slots and uncertainty about when or if home delivery orders would arrive.
Merchants can now get access to 17,000 security tests to help identify potential malware on their webstores.

Your business was built to serve all customers, but was your website? Whether a customer’s disability prevents them from typing, clicking a mouse, or seeing content, this article will help you deliver better user experiences and meet ADA compliance.

Interview with Magento Community Engineering Maintainer

DMs open to work with SIs/merchants
We recommend retailers to think about the following advice:

Mental health day 2020

Adobe and Sansec came together to introduce a new enhanced security scan tool.

Understanding ADA Compliance

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– [CSA] The holidays are coming early – is your enterprise ready?

The #MagentoMasters program is evolving into the Magento Commerce Champions program! Stay tuned for application details. #MagentoCommerceChamps #AdobeDevelopers #DevExchange
More Info:
– [Magento] Secure Your Storefront With the Enhanced Magento Security Scan Tool

Get ready to meet the community – MageCONF 2020

– [Retailgeek] Jason & Scot Show Episode 238 Holiday Shipageddon


Magento 2.3.x support is extended

Welcome to the 21st edition of MageNews. 🎃
As a merchant, you should be ready to shift your attention to other, different marketplaces.

More Info:
– [Magento] Understanding ADA Compliance and How It Relates to eCommerce Websites

Magento B2B – Order Approval flows

Companies are heavily investing in their e-commerce and the most conservative estimates of e-commerce growth in the US are around 18%,  in some cases 25% and up to 35% this year.
As any industry [and not only], e-commerce, is benefiting from diversity. Walmart’s e-commerce was emerging threat for Amazon over the last couple of years, but even more now. Walmart’s online sales grew in the second quarter of 2020 by 97%, compared to the same period last year, and with the launch of Walmart Plus the situation on the market may be changed even more significantly and not in Amazon’s favor. The service offers subscribers in-store and online benefits, such as unlimited free delivery and fuel discounts from selected gas stations.

Magento 2 extension for Imgix

Atwix CTO Yaroslav is sharing his experience working with Docker on Windows 10.
There are many solutions utilizing this or a similar approach. One of the recent ones we spotted is this open-source — Imgix on Magento 2 store. It might help you to optimize your store before the holidays.

Working with Docker on Windows 10

– Alex Lunkov

Upcoming events

Vlad’s expertise and attitude are motivating to the entire community. He is energetic and his thought process is well-structured. The combination of these qualities multiplied by his diverse projects expertise results in high-quality work.

Want more?

The biggest technical Magento conference in the world is happening on October 24th and prior to this, on October 23rd there will be Contribution Day — 24 Hours of Coding Marathon. Atwix organizes both events and would be glad to see you there. Make sure to register and have a chance to meet your beloved community.
For compliance reasons, all merchants should upgrade to PHP 7.4 before December 2021 — even those still using Magento 2.3
Magento 2.3.x release line will be supported for an additional three months — through April 2022. Support for PHP 7.3 ends in December 2021, Adobe will be introducing PHP 7.4 compatibility in Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.7 in May 2021.

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