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Succeeding in the New Face-to-Face: A Guide to Preparing Your Digital Storefront for Peak Season

Building pathways for discovery that customers can use to “browse” digitally is a way that online merchants can improve the shopping experience with little technical or development investment. Very often customers will navigate to your

Secure Your Storefront With the Enhanced Magento Security Scan Tool

• Credit card skimming malware was detected on 8,170 unique stores across all platforms.• 82% of stores that had malware were running an unsupported version of product.• 24% of all affected stores suffered multiple malware

Understanding ADA Compliance and How It Relates to eCommerce Websites

• It’s the right thing to do: Everyone deserves a great online experience, so building an accessible website is the right thing to do. As the coronavirus pandemic has underscored, the Internet is an essential part

The 6 Gifts Holiday Shoppers Want This Year

Consumer sentiment has changed dramatically in the wake of the pandemic, with buyers prioritizing health, sustainability, and purpose-driven brands. At the same time, consumer behavior changed faster than ever before, with more people shopping online

B2B Commerce Best Practices During COVID-19 — and Beyond

• Product previews: Product configurators and selection tools can help buyers get to purchase decisions quickly and confidently. Be sure to use customer ratings and reviews. B2B buyers want to know what their peer groups

Norwegian retailer Get Inspired sees 30% growth YoY after migrating to Magento 2

Norwegian women’s sportwear seller Get Inspired was launched in 2009 and in just 11 years has gone from a one-person startup based in a garage to a million online retailer. The results after moving to

Use Your Brand Purpose To Guide Your Customer Experience

• Clearly articulate your brand purpose• Deeply understand what customers want to buy and why• Create a compelling customer journey• Understand how to reach real people on a 1-to-1 level At Adobe, we believe the

The Four P’s of Peak Season Performance: A Guide to Preparing Your Infrastructure for High Traffic

We always recommend that you confirm your contact information listed under Account Settings within your Magento Account login is current and that you’ve shared your organization’s key technical contacts with your Magento CSM. If you’re

Magento Training and Certification Now Integrated with Adobe Resources

In August, Magento U’s free training offerings will be moving to Adobe Experience League, Adobe’s vast library of free learning content and courses. Experience League offers developers, architects, product leaders, and marketing practitioners personalized pathways

Accelerate Your Business in the Current Commerce Landscape with Magento 2.4

• Save time with an updated Adobe Stock integration that moves the image licensing and management workflow completely into the Media Gallery. • Starting with 2.4, we are securing the Admin portal by requiring tw-factor