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It’s Time to Raise Your eCommerce Marketing Game

Automated product recommendations that rely on machine learning, however, actually improve over time. And they can increase your conversions by up to 70 percent. I recommend them to anyone who’s marketing online. I believe that

Achieving E-Commerce Success Is Easier Than You Think

To help companies of all sizes jump-start and accelerate their digital growth, Adobe worked with a number of solution integrators and agencies to develop Rapid Deployment Packages (RDPs). What started as proofs of concept in

4 Reasons Why Keeping Magento Commerce Updated Drives Down TCO

Magento understands this, which is why security patches are released regularly and included in each new software version. The incorporates a number of security patches to harden a merchant’s defenses. One of the more interesting

Introducing an Updated Lifecycle Policy for Magento Releases

Adobe knows that security for your digital storefront is always top of mind and with just cause. As mentioned in our post “Secure Your Storefront With the Enhanced Magento Security Scan Tool,” the average cost

The ABCs of PWAs

Many users do not like shopping on mobile devices because Web pages are slow to load or it’s hard to do things like read product information or fill out payment forms. But PWAs offer a

How to Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership for an eCommerce Platform Implementation

     • SaaS: SaaS, or software as a service, is a software licensing and delivery model where a third-party hosts and maintains the software application and is accessed via the Internet. The licensing fee is

Introducing the ‘TCO Blog Series’ for Magento Commerce

Whether you are new to eCommerce and Magento, thinking about using Magento, or have been using Magento for years, we think you’ll get some great takeaways on how to reduce and rethink your TCO.  

Succeeding in the New Face-to-Face: A Guide to Preparing Your Digital Storefront for Peak Season

Building pathways for discovery that customers can use to “browse” digitally is a way that online merchants can improve the shopping experience with little technical or development investment. Very often customers will navigate to your

Secure Your Storefront With the Enhanced Magento Security Scan Tool

• Credit card skimming malware was detected on 8,170 unique stores across all platforms.• 82% of stores that had malware were running an unsupported version of product.• 24% of all affected stores suffered multiple malware

Understanding ADA Compliance and How It Relates to eCommerce Websites

• It’s the right thing to do: Everyone deserves a great online experience, so building an accessible website is the right thing to do. As the coronavirus pandemic has underscored, the Internet is an essential part