It shows the valid items which are eligible for Google Search’s rich results.
After adding structured data, this is how a merchant listing experience may appear in search results.

Check out the structured data required for merchant listings and product snippets in Google’s Product structured data documentation.

Expand Eligibility For Product Rich Results

The new Merchant listings report has 3 key features:
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For eCommerce store owners, with the new Google update, your products may now show up in more places and in a richer way than before. So make sure to use product structured data to benefit from this.

Websites that sell products should use this report.

Now, to make these experiences more accessible, Google has expanded eligibility for Merchant Listing search experiences and product snippets by using structured data. Now, all website owners can list their products for free on Google properties.

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So in this article, we will walk you through all the newest Google updates to help you take advantage of them.

New Search Console Reports

Websites that publish product reviews should use this report.

  • Merchant listings report
  • Product snippets report.

If you are doing business online, it’s crucial to know about the update.
In September 2022, Google announced a new update of Merchant Listing search experiences and product snippets. This change directly affects merchants, product review websites and product information aggregator websites.

The new Product snippets report has 3 key features:

Merchant listings report

  • Identifie structured data issues for free merchant listing experience
  • Cover the wider range of structured data properties & types for advanced cases (apparel sizing, energy efficiency ratings, etc.)
  • Relevant to pages that sell products

The valid item detected is also built into the URL inspection tool and rich results tools.
Google has provided shoppers with rich product experiences in search results for some time. However, previously it was only available to Merchant Center users.
Google also made a major update to Product structured data documentation. They now added “color”, “material”, “pattern”, as well as “EnergyConsumptionDetails”, “inProductGroupWithID” and “audience” to the list of recommended product schema properties.

The reports allow you to see warnings, errors, and valid pages for markup implemented on your website.

These reports are grouped under the Shopping section in the Search Console navigation bar.

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Product snippets report

Enhanced experiences, or rich results, are search features that can provide more information than a regular search snippet. A product rich results include images, price, review ratings, availability, shipping information, etc.

  • Identifie structured data issues for product snippets
  • Replace the Product structured data report with adjustments related to the separation of merchant listing validations into a dedicated report
  • Relevant to pages that share product review information/aggregate product data from multiple websites

And the rich snippets will look as below.


Merchant listing experiences offer enhanced experiences, including the Shopping Knowledge panel & Popular Products, and shopping experiences in Google Images & Google Lens.
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To help website owners take advantage of these experiences, Google replaced the Search Console report for Product structured data with 2 new reports:

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