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As said above, store owners are into customer experience these days. Hence, these top 5 BSS Commerce extensions can help you to catch up with the e-commerce trends effortlessly. 

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>>> Increase sales now for Magento 2 Product Labels.
Specifically, you can freely upload your label and use the drag-drop feature to choose the desired position. For example, you can use “limited” or “low stock” to raise urgency with customers.
For better SEO performance, you must hear about “Core Web Vitals,” and the loading speed is one of the most crucial aspects. Even Google said you could save up to 30% in size when converting images to WebP. 

  • Customize the configurable product for a more personalized experience.
  • Easily update content in bulk: name, SKU, descriptions, etc.
  • Create URL and pre-select option for each child item.
  • Enhance SEO performance with auto metadata generation without duplicate content.
  • Display details of configurable products in an eye-catching way.
  • Select visibility of configurable products only displays product page.
  • Optionally choose to redirect to the parent product page or the child product page.

After consulting more than 22,000 customers and business results, we came up with the top 5 best-selling Magento 2 extensions in July 2022.

Furthermore, the WebP format brings better transparency and animation. Ideally, instead of manually converting, you can use this module to automate the process. 

>>> Fully control your popup to help marketing strategy with Magento 2 Popup!
>>> Enhance website performance with Magento 2 Convert Images to WebP.
Configurable products benefit store owners in managing products with enormous variations. However, the Magento 2 default is still lacking. Ideally, to show details of each child item in one grid, Magento 2 Simple Details on Configurable Product can do the work. 

  • Configure base currency for each store view
  • Set special prices for a product per store view to quickly implement discount strategies.
  • Allow customers to enjoy buying journeys with their preferred currency.
  • Set up minimum order amount and shipping method for each store view
  • Compatible with other BSS extensions.

Let’s check out which they are and whether these are suitable for your website or not.

If you want to improve your customer experience, this module is essential. With the combination of auto-update URL and pre-select, this module makes the shopping process faster than ever.

Sometimes a tiny detail can deliver a significant impact on buying journey. With Magento 2 Product Labels, you can keep the customer engaged by highlighting your best-sellers, unique, discounted, etc. products. 
>>> DON’T MISS OUT Magento 2 Simple Details on Configurable Product.
Establishing your target market to maximize sales margin through marketing initiatives is critical. With the help of this extension, you can select the customer group that will view campaign information and utilizes it to create an engaging popup for their interaction.

  • Create multiple popup types
  • Set up timing, display rules and pages 
  • Offer you choose from 6 positions to be visible on the page
  • Target popup to customer groups and store views.
  • Compatible with all product types and categories.
  • Responsive for all devices

Moreover, SEO plays a vital role in business strategy these days. Luckily, instead of manually adding meta tags for each child item, the Magento 2 Simple Details on Configurable Product extension can automatically produce child product metadata. As a result, you have a better chance of increasing website visitors.

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Localizing price strategy or defining the affordable prices for each store view are some significant benefits of Multiple Store View Pricing. As a result, it would be helpful suppose you want to manage B2B and B2C in the same store.
Catch your customer’s attention immediately with Magento 2 Popup extension! By being provided 5 templates in addition to 6 animations and positions, you can easily customize popup to match your brand. 
Additionally, you can choose which store views to use to display your website popup.

  • Freely upload your labels.
  • Provide drag-drop features to manage and set up the label position easily.
  • Show various labels on one product.
  • Choose to show labels to targeted customer groups and store views.
  • Apply labels to multiple products by conditions.

However, some browsers do not support WebP format, so this module will automatically convert back to the original.jpg or.png images. 

We’ve discussed the limitation of default price scope setting many times. Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing extension comes into play to settle all your concerns!

According to OptiMonk, the average popup conversion rate is 11.09%, which brings higher revenue to the business. Hence, the popup has become a must-have marketing tool.
Indeed, this module enables administrators to set up base currency for each store view easily. Besides, you can set different prices, including special prices and tier prices for the same product on each store view of the Magento store. 
The 2022 report shows out companies that excel at customer experience fare approximately 80% better than laggards. Thus, merchants tend to focus on this factor more than ever. 

  • Automatically convert images to Webp to optimize the website’s loading speed and SEO performance.
  • Choose between 6 pages to convert, including All, Product Page, Category Page, Home Page, and CMS Page.
  • Reduce time spent on conversion, automate converting, and deliver better-looking images.
  • Be compatible with most browsers, even Safari 14.1 and above.



Not only on a product page but also a dynamic category page, your related products are now prominently shown to increase exposure. You can decide how to display product photos based on your selling configurable products.
By breaking through any limitations, this module allows you to add multiple product labels. Suppose you don’t want to overlap. You can also set a priority rule.

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