How to Implement Field Dependency from Different Groups in Magento 2 System.xml

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Sometimes, other fields have a dependency on one field. If the extension is enabled, then it should show other options to configure from the same group. However, what if you need to display fields in admin configuration depending on other fields from different groups? 
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Method to Implement Field Dependency from Different Groups in Magento 2 System.xml

Please note that field id from the “depends” node must contain section, group, and field id’s of the field you want to depend.

That’s it.
The system.xml is the main file responsible for any custom fields in the system configuration of Magento 2 admin. In order to add custom fields, tabs, groups, or performing any kind of customization in system configuration, one needs to create system.xml configuration in Magento 2.
Implement the below code whenever you need to set dependency from different groups in system.xml.
Especially while creating Magento 2 extensions, we often require adding such kinds of fields in system configuration. 
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For example, we have two groups: one is for the detailed configuration of API providers, and the other is for the API provider selection option. The required details for any API provider differ from APIs to APIs. In that case, implement field dependency from different groups in Magento 2 system.xml based on the selection of API providers.
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