How to Get All Coupon Code of Particular Cart Price Rules in Magento 2

For instance, an admin needs to get the list of coupon codes in the grid or CSV. Additionally, one may also need to provide all coupon codes to a marketing team for advertising purposes!
Coupon codes are generated and applied with Cart Price Rules – which allows applying discounts in the shopping cart based on a set of conditions and coupon codes. Discounts are applicable only when a customer enters a valid coupon code on the shopping cart page.
That’s it.
Use the below code in your php file.
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Method to Get All Coupon Code of Particular Cart Price Rules in Magento 2

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Providing attractive discounts on weekends, festivals, first-order, etc., is one of the best tactics to boost sales quickly for the Magento 2 stores. The store owner can create coupon codes for offering discounts and promote them on various advertising mediums.
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A store owner can easily set up the specific coupon codes as well as multiple ones but what if the requirement arises to get all coupon code of particular cart price rules in Magento 2?

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In such a scenario, use the below code and get all coupon codes of particular cart price rules and print according to the business requirement.




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