How to Use Grid Renderer in Magento 2

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The output of the above implementation will be:
For instance, your Magento 2 store allows users to create profiles and upload their profile images. In the backend Customers grid, the admin can get the profile picture column using the below solution.
Additionally, the admin may use grid renderer in Magento 2 to change the default formatting of the columns such as highlighting, uploading images, change the text color or background, etc. A renderer is one of the methods of Magento 2 that holds a path of a PHP file and redirects to that file.
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Method to Use Grid Renderer in Magento 2

  1. Use the below code in the registration.php file at appcodeVendorModule
  2. Create the module.xml file at appcodeVendorModuleetc
  3. Create the Grid.php file at appcodeVendorModuleBlockAdminhtmlCustomFieldEditTab
  4. Create Balance.php file at appcodeVendorModuleBlockAdminhtmlCustomerGridRenderer

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How to Use Grid Renderer in Magento 2
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Also, the column entries can be diversified with colors such as a male customer with red and female customer with green color. It helps the admin visually understand the data diversification and get the ratio of their customers by gender.
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Magento 2 admin grids in the backend help the admin to manage the data of orders, customers, products, etc. He can edit, update or delete the data from the admin grid.

That’s it to use grid renderer in Magento 2!
Check the below solution to implement any such scenarios where you need to change the default formatting of the admin grid columns in Magento 2.




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