How to Change Product Image in Magento 2 Checkout Cart

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Method to Change Product Image in Magento 2 Checkout Cart

  1. Use the below code in the di.xml file at app/code/Vendor/Extension/etc
  2. Create the NewImage.php file at Vendor/Extension/Plugin/CheckoutCart

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In that case, what if a store owner needs to display an image of the main product in the free one?
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However, when the product has multiple colors and options the image might not match the desired custom selection of the customer.
Moreover, when a store owner wants to give a free product based on a condition, and that product belongs to the customer’s selected configured one.

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Any solution? Here is the quick solution. Apply the below method to change product image in Magento 2 checkout cart!

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Magento 2 checkout cart page is the intermediate point that proceeds to finalize the purchase. The product image displayed on the checkout cart page gives the customer a quick overview of the items they are about to purchase.




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