How to Get Current Store ID in Magento 2

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Method to Get Current Store ID in Magento 2

  • Using Block

You can get store ID by calling the block function in your phtml file.

  • Using Object Manager

That’s it.
In order to work with more than one store from a single administration, the store owner has to set up multi store in Magento 2. While working with a multi-store environment, the need often arrives to get current store id in Magento 2.
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Hence, Magento 2 allows having multi-stores to serve your customers with a shopping platform that is comfortable to them.
Check out the below code to do so using block and object manager.
E-commerce has changed the way people do business and shop. With online shopping, a customer from France can make a purchase from a store in India! However, as the customer base increases, the store owners try to offer a shopping platform that is compatible with their shoppers’ local language, currency, etc.

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Especially, when the store owner needs customization based on the store. For example, store A has different currency and product rates than store B.

Before implementing any such condition-based customization, you first have to get the store ID, and then implement the logic such as if the store id is equal to one, then don’t show a popup of discounted products or generate a store-specific CSV, otherwise do.
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