How to Set System Configuration Value Using CLI Command in Magento 2

To do so, you’ll require the value of:
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  • The configuration path
  • The scope code
  • Log in to your account using SSH.

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Set Store Wise System Configuration Value: 
Moreover, it also provides an excellent feature that allows the developer to set system configuration value using CLI command in Magento 2! You can set Magento 2 default configuration option value as well as third-party extension configuration value from the CLI command.

Method to Set System Configuration Value Using CLI Command in Magento 2

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Set Website Wise System Configuration Value: 

Magento 2 CMS provides the powerful command-line interface tool that allows the developers to use default commands that perform tasks including installation, modules, indexes management, database backups-updates, compiling LESS, etc.

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Pass CLI commands:
For such a scenario, use the below method and validate an appropriate value in the CLI command.
The scope code is needed to set a configuration value for a particular scope, and one can find the configuration path from the ‘core_config_data’ table of the database.
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To make this explanation more specific, let’s consider an example.

That’s it!
For instance, the admin panel of Magento 2 is not working or opening for any reason. Somehow you have to change the value of the system configuration. In that case, you have to find out a way that can change or set a system configuration value without opening the admin panel!




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