How to Get Product Custom Options Value From Cart and Order in Magento 2

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Use the below code in the helper file.
An easy way to offer a selection of options with various text, selection, and date input types is to add customizable options to a product.
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Method to Get Product Custom Options Value From Cart and Order in Magento 2

After adding custom options to the product page, what if you want to deal with third-party API and need to get that product custom option value from cart or order? What if you’re going to pass that custom option value immediately after the order placed?

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You can get product options value from cart and order in Magento 2 by following the below solution.
The customers like to receive a personalized experience while purchasing anything from the online store, especially when it comes to the custom options assigned to a particular product. The more options, the more enhanced the customer experience!

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When you add custom options to a product in Magento 2, you allow your customers to choose product options according to their needs without relying on the product attributes.

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