How to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2

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Assign Email Template
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Steps to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2

  1. Log in to Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Marketing > Communications > Email Templates.firststep
  3. Click on Add New Template button from top right.
  4. Select an email template as per your requirement of customization and click on Load Template button.
  5. Enter the Template Information
  6.  Set the name of the template in the Template Name field.
  7. Change Template Subject and Template Content as per your requirement.
    i.e., To add custom text to email
    <p>Due to lockdown and COVID-19 crisis, there may be a delay in the shipment.</p>How to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2
  8.  Add Template Styles if you need.
  9. Save the Template.

If you have created a new template you need to assign it in the store configurations.
For instance, the store owner wants to add a tracking number and tracking URL in the shipment email, a special discount offer in the order confirmation mail, or a similar product list in the invoice email.

  1.  Navigate to  Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  2. Go to Sales Emails under Sales tab.
  3. Select your created template in the New Order Confirmation Template for Guest option.
    How to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2
  4. Save the Configuration.

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How to Customize Email Templates in Magento 2
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After creating an amazing store, it would be a bonus if your Magento 2 email templates have a similar look as your store. Magento 2 offers many default email templates for the body section of the individual email message. Those are the same for all the stores. Some of those email templates are:
Every business owner finds ways to engage with their customers. There are several traditional channels for communicating with customers, and Email is one of them.
But, to implement these features, it is not recommended to change the default core Magento files. If you want to customize the default templates, you should create your custom templates and configure Magento to use them instead of the default templates.

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However, it may be nice to customize Email template in Magento 2.

Use the below stepwise method and customize the Email template in Magento 2.
Once, you’ve created the template and assigned it, your email will be sent in the customized form as shown below:




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