How to Get Customer ID Without Using Session in Magento 2

That’s why I recommend using the below solution which does not generate any issues and doesn’t require disabling cache.
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I can go one with the examples where a Magento developer will require to get a customer ID. But today, instead I am going to offer an alternate solution to get a customer ID.

  • A NULL value is returned even if the customer is logged in.
  • You have to disable the cache, and hence low page speed.
  • It does not return customer ID.

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Method to Get Customer ID Without Using Session in Magento 2

Magento developers often use customer ID to implement features that are exclusively for logged in customers. Even I have posted solutions where one can get customer addresses by customer ID in Magento 2 and use it to maintain the address database while offering guest checkout.

You can get customer ID without using session in Magento 2 and hence avoid issues like
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Apart from this, the admin may need a customer ID to hide the signup button for already logged in customers, or display a discount offer that is valid only for logged in customers!
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Use the below code in the helper file.




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