How to Redirect Customer to Custom Page after Login in Magento 2

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Use the path of your required page instead of ‘sales/order/history’ in $customUrl variable.
It can be done using the below solution to redirect customer to custom page after login in Magento 2.
So why not redirect them to your latest products, or best sellers or even some offers and discounts that you may be offering in your store at once when they log in!
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Method to Redirect Customer to Custom Page after Login in Magento 2

  1. Use below code in di.xml file at Vendor/Extension/etc/frontend
  2. Paste the below code in RedirectCustomUrl.php file at Vendor/Extension/Plugin

However, not all the default functionalities may be suitable for your modern online store. Fortunately, the Magento CMS is flexible enough to allow the developers to tweak the features and customize them based on the business requirements.
In today’s post, I’ll give the solution for one such similar customization that store owners frequently require.
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You can redirect your customers to some appointment page if you have one and your business requires customers to book an appointment. Or, you can simply redirect them to any custom CMS page that you want them to have a look at.
The default Magento 2 redirects a customer to their “My Account” dashboard section or the previous page once they log in to the store.
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When a customer logs in to your store, it is the prime time when you can redirect their attention to things you want. It is a short time span where you can lure them for engagement or even conversion.

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