How to Get All Orders of Customer by Email ID in Magento 2

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Use the below code in your block file at VendorModuleBlock.
For doing so, the store owner may require to get all orders of customer by email id in Magento 2.
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Method to Get All Orders of Customer by Email ID in Magento 2

It is pretty complex to get a specific customer’s list of orders out of the bulk of orders in Magento 2 store. However, I’ve made this task pretty simple using the below programmatic solution:

This post offers the programmatic solution for the same.
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One can fetch the entire collection of orders along with the order date, total items, and related information.

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The admin may reward the loyal customer with maximum order by offering a discount or gift hamper. He can decide so by getting all the orders of a customer by their Email ID in Magento 2 store.

Customer retention is very important in online business. An online store owner may want to reward his loyal customer in order to build a better customer relationship.




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