How to Remove Layered Navigation from Category Page in Magento 2

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It generally appears in the left column of Magento 2 category pages and the search results pages. Layered navigation enhances the on-site experience for your customers.
For example, you have products for which category-based classification does not matter, or when the landing page is more critical than the category page, removing the layered navigation can be considered.

Method to Remove Layered Navigation from Category Page in Magento 2

If you are offering software products such as Magento 2 extensions, or any related services that don’t need category-wise searching, the below solution can be useful.

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Layered Navigation in Magento 2 is one of the useful features that lets your customers search items easily and quickly based on category, price, and product attributes.
It is better to remove layered navigation instead of distracting users and adversely affecting the user experience in such kinds of situations.
Admin generally needs to perform various operations and customizations on layered navigation based on business requirements such as removing filterable attribute values with 0 products from Magento 2 layered navigation or altogether remove layered navigation from category page in Magento 2 based on the design or theme of the store.

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Follow the below method to remove layered navigation based on the design layout requirement:

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Use the below code in catalog_category_view.xml at appdesignfrontend[theme]Magento_Cataloglayout




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