How to Add New Field in Cart Price Rules Form in Magento 2 Backend

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Method to Add New Field in Cart Price Rules Form in Magento 2 Backend:

  1. Create UpgradeSchema.php file at appcodeMeetanshiMtapiSetup

    2. Create sales_rule_form.xml file at appcodeMeetanshiMtapiviewadminhtmlui_component

Today, I will talk about one such customization to add new field in cart price rules form in Magento 2 backend.
The admin can use the below programmatic solution to add a new custom field in the cart price rules form in the admin panel of Magento 2.
Magento 2 CMS is popular among store merchants due to its capability of customization to satisfy custom business requirements.
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For instance, while using any third-party APIs for offers, you need to pass any data and for that, you require adding a custom field.
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Any such requirements can be done using the below method:




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