How to Add Custom Input Mask for ZIP Code in Magento 2

The admin can add a custom zip code validator to the checkout page in Magento 2 store based on the countries they serve.
Today, I’ll talk about one such solution to customize the store’s zip code validation for country-specific customers.
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Method to Add Custom Input Mask for ZIP Code in Magento 2:

Thank you for subscribing. Hence, follow the below solution to add custom input mask for ZIP code in Magento 2 store to show the example in alphanumeric format or any other validations based on the zip code format.
Any doubts about zip code validation in Magento 2? If yes, do mention them in the Comments section below. I’d be happy to help.
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Create zip_codes.xml at app/code/Vendor/Module/etc/zip_codes.xml

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For example, the zip code example shown in the default message on the checkout page is the numeric value “12345”. However, countries like the Netherlands contain alphanumeric zip codes.

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Magento 2 is a globally accepted and popular CMS used by merchants around the world to offer their products and services online. The platform offers the insane capability to customize the default features in order to prepare the store for a specific audience or global customers.




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