How to Make a Partial Refund in Magento 2

An incredible customer experience not only depends on competitive prices but also on fast shipping, easy returns, quality, and much more.

How to make partial refund in Magento 2
A customer may want to refund your product due to damaged goods, or unsatisfactory product compared to the expectations, or simply a change of mind for the product requirement. In today’s competitive E-commerce market, no matter what the reason is, a store owner needs to allow refunds and returns to the customers.
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A transparent highlighted refund policy makes the online store trustworthy and reflects the idea that a business cares for customers’ benefits.

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These numbers clearly depict the importance of having your refund policy in place.
66% of consumers read a return policy before buying, and 95% of consumers surveyed would buy from a brand again if they had a satisfactory return experience. – Forbes
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When it comes to Magento 2, the CMS facilitates handling refunds and partial refunds.

Method to Make a Partial Refund in Magento 2

In such a scenario, you need to make a partial refund in Magento 2.
Follow the below method to handle such partial refunds in Magento 2.
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Make a partial refund by simply following the above method.
To make a partial refund, you first have to create a credit memo in Magento 2 and then set the Qty to Refund value below an ordered quantity in the Items to Refund section.
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P.S. If you want to go one step ahead and allow the customers to easily request for the order refund without having to log in and ease the refund handling from the backend, Magento 2 Refund Request is a must-have extension!
Today, I will talk about partial refunds. For instance, a customer purchases a few items from your Magento 2 store but decided to return two of them and demands a refund for the same.
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