How to Unhide All Product Images on Product Page in Magento 2

Hence, check out the solution to unhide all product images on product page in Magento 2. With this quick solution, you will not need to unhide product images one by one.
Simply change the product image visibility using the following query in the database.
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Method to Unhide All Product Images on Product Page in Magento 2

All the product images remain hidden in the migrated store. This may impact the sales in the store. Product images are critical for potentials customers to understand the layout and appearance of the product.

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Magento 2 migration is a complex process and not all the time you can end up with smooth migration and a fully functional Magento 2 store.
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It will replace every 0 with 1, which means it unhides all product images in the hidden state.
Sometimes, it may happen that while migrating the product, images, and its data, there comes an issue in the product image which is not displayed.

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According to Statista, consumers expected five photos for any product while shopping online. Such numbers prove that no Magento 2 store owners can afford the hidden product images.

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