How to Get Magento 2 Collection Count

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Return the total number of items from the collection, i.e., count the collection data using the below solution:
You can apply various validations, conditions, or anything according to your requirements using the collection count method.
A store owner may want to use collections to print order details with header and footer when the number of orders is greater than 0 and for no orders, i.e., 0 orders, display a message “No record found” without a header and footer.

Method to Get Magento 2 Collection Count

We have got a whole collection of products using the above code, now call the getProductCollection() wherever you want to use the collection.

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Here we are using an example of fetching all products and count these all fetched data.
Collections in Magento 2 are used to fetch multiple rows from tables, join tables with primary tables, select specific columns, apply a WHERE clause to query, or apply any conditions.
Now the main part, count the items collected in $collection by using the below code.
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In such scenarios, one may need to get Magento 2 collection count.

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