How to Get Customer by Email in Magento 2

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Usually, one can get a customer by ID in Magento 2. However, if you do not have a customer ID, I will show how to get customer by Email in Magento 2!
For instance, you want to implement validation based on customer groups, run an age-group-focused marketing campaign, or offer after-sales service to customers.
Customer data management is something that an admin cannot go away with while administering a Magento 2 store.
Use the below code in helper file Data.php at Vendor/Extension/Helper
All these things require to get customer data in Magento 2.

Method to Get Customer by Email in Magento 2

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Anything from marketing to customer experience, shipping, etc. requires the admin to get customer data for working efficiently.
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You can get customer id, first name, last name, and other customer-specific data by just passing the customer email id using the below code.
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