How to Check If Product Images Exist or Not in Magento 2

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“It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.”
Your product image in the web store serves as the first impression on your customer’s mindset. It is an influential factor that pushes customers towards the purchase.
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It won’t look good if your customer is about to purchase something and clicks on that product, but the image is not there and he ends up without making a purchase.

Check out the below solution.
Your product image status list is ready!
According to a study by Forbes, high-quality image sells. As customers cannot check your product in person, it is important to have a high-quality product image that delivers the actual idea of quality and features.
Use below code in the root script.

Method to Check If Product Images Exist or Not in Magento 2

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Product images and videos give an idea of the product’s features, appearance, and how it may add value to their life or solve their problem.

The output of the above code looks like below:

SKU With active image
9789569532818 Y
9789569539034 Y
9789569535978 Y
9789569535984 N
9789569536542 Y
9789569539856 Y
9789569537548 N
9789569537875 Y
9789569537987 N
9789569538752 Y

You can check for all products in your store. If the product image does not exist, it represents as ‘N’ means ‘NO’ otherwise it shows ‘Y’ means ‘YES’ in the CSV file.
To prevent it, use the method to check If product images exist or not in Magento 2 and avoid abandonment of purchase.
However, sometimes it may happen in Magento 2 stores that certain product images are missing due to one reason or other.
One of the methods to grab a visitor’s attention and impress them is by visually representing your product.
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In order to use this solution you have to create root script in Magento 2 and the output will display in the CSV format at the location where your root script is located.

A store owner will not leave any stone unturned to grab the visitors’ attention, impress them, leverage conversion, and retention.
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