How to Add Custom Content in Order Summary on Checkout Page in Magento 2

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Customer retention is cheaper than acquisition. Hence, Magento 2 store owners can customize their checkout page in order to increase customer retention.
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Or, they can customize the checkout page to increase the average order value, encourage to upgrade the customer group or any other message related to the order fulfilment process.
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  • “Orders Over $500 are eligible for Free Shipping”
  • “Orders Over $500 receive 5% discount”
  • “Your Membership is valid for 1 Year”
  • “Delivery may take 5-10 Business days after Order Processing”
  • “Delivery may be delayed due to Christmas sale!”
  •  “Free shipping for all over Italy.”

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how to add custom content in order summary on checkout page in Magento 2

Steps to Add Custom Content in Order Summary on Checkout Page in Magento 2

  1. Add the below code in checkout_index_index.xml file at appcodeVendorModuleviewfrontendlayout.
  2. Use the below code in custom_text.phtml at appcodeVendorModuleviewfrontendtemplatescheckout.
  3. Change or override grand-total.html to theme file located at appdesignThemeTheme_NameMagento_Taxviewfrontendwebtemplatecheckoutsummary.

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That’s it!
The output of the above solution will look as below:
For instance, Magento 2 store owner may want to add the custom messages like:
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To add custom content in order summary in checkout page in Magento 2 may not be easier as one cannot put anything static inside the checkout page. It is because the whole checkout process is loaded dynamically in Magento 2.

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Checkout in Magento 2 store is a page where merchants can focus their efforts on customer retention.

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However, you can follow the below steps for customizing the checkout page:




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