Solved: Failed to Set ini Option “session.cookie_samesite” to Value “Lax” in Magento 2.3.6-p1

However, it is not recommended to apply changes in the default file of Magento. So it is better to use PHP version 7.3 or above.
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So check if your version of PHP is 7.3 or above. If not, set PHP 7.3 or above version.

Something went wrong.
If yes, relatable!
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Solution for Failed to Set ini Option “session.cookie_samesite” to Value “Lax” in Magento 2.3.6-p1

And faced an error after installing the Magento version 2.3.6-p1 that looks something like this:
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Use the below code in your SessionManager.php file located at vendormagentoframeworkSession

Did you try to install Magento 2.3.6-p1?

That’s all!
PHP 7.3 or above version is a must to solve this error!
However, I have another solution for this error if you don’t want to change your PHP version.
I would be happy to help.
Because I’ve also faced the same error. To save you from all the process I went through to find the solution to Failed to Set ini Option “session.cookie_samesite” to Value “Lax” in Magento 2.3.6-p1, I have posted it here.
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report.ERROR: Failed to set ini option “session.cookie_samesite” to value “Lax”.

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This error occurs due to the lower PHP version you may be using.




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