How to Change the Sequence of Custom Field Before “subtotal” in Invoice in Magento 2 Backend

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In this example, the “qty” custom field is added and the sequence of “subtotal” changes as “qty” is placed in the first position.
Here, I have taken the example to change the sequence of custom field before “subtotal” in invoice in Magento 2 backend.
The default Magento 2 offers an invoice template as shown below.
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Such changes in Magento 2 admin panel for invoice helps admin to get all the required details in invoice totals in the sequence of priority.
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Steps to Change the Sequence of Custom Field Before “subtotal” in Invoice in Magento 2 Backend:

  1. Create registration.php file at appcodeVendorModule directory
  2. Create module.xml file at appcodeVendorModuleetc directory
  3. Create sales_order_invoice_new.xml file at appcodeVendorModuleviewadminhtmllayout
  4. Create Qty.php file at appcodeVendorModuleBlockSalesOrder

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Using the above code, the QTY field is added to the invoice before subtotal as shown in below image.
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Custom OP
The admin may want to add custom fields and change the sequence of the existing fields as per the business requirements.
Default Magento output

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An invoice is the legal accounting document that shows the transaction details between a merchant and a customer. Businesses need to craft the invoice design meticulously as it represents the brand and contributes to customers’ trust and shopping experience.

The Magento 2 store admin has to generate invoices for orders placed online. The invoice layout in backend must also be such that helps admin manage the order details easily.
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